Shepherd Farm game

Shepherd Farm is an incredibly addictive game in which you have to manage a cute fluffy dog on a cozy country ranch! Herd sheep into special pens for shearing wool, and then sell them to earn gold coins, which you can later spend on buying new plots of land. A whole crowd of customers has already gathered at the entrance, wishing to purchase several skeins of natural wool yarn. So don’t keep them waiting and get to work immediately!

How to play?
Don’t forget to upgrade your pet’s stats so it can perform its duties more efficiently. If you see that you cannot do it alone, then hire assistants to speed up the production process. Explore the location in search of treasure chests, thanks to which you can get a lot of useful resources. To save time, you can use a free bonus, with which you can instantly shear the wool from all the sheep in the pasture. Sometimes various auxiliary boosters will appear on the field, the activation of which will allow you to increase your movement speed for a while. Protect your farm from packs of wild wolves that will periodically come out of the forest to drag one of your sheep. Scare away predators with loud barking and drive them out of your domain. Grow your herd and grow your farming business!

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