Twin Farm game

Today you will have a very responsible task to help the royal twins take care of their farm. For a long time here, no one worked, the animals ran away, the farm itself began to gradually fall apart. In order for everything to return to its place and everything to become as before, you need to do a lot of things. If you agree to help the little twins, then we wish you good luck! So start by cleaning the farmer’s garden. Here you need to remove all the garbage, fix the fence. Then you can develop a bed to plant wheat grains. It will come in handy for you to feed your animals. After that, go to the barn, where you also need to clean up so that the animals return to live there again. Try to do everything right so that the little twins are satisfied. To make a profit from animals, they need to be constantly fed, and for this you need to plant the garden with the right seeds, take care of the plants until they grow. The main thing is to follow the prompts and you will succeed!

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