Fruit Farm game

In the game “Fruit Farm”, you will find yourself near a small picturesque village, located far from the bustle of the city! Here you will meet the owner of a fruit farm named Kim. She works hard every day and meticulously tends her garden to produce first-class fruits that are in great demand among buyers in the market. But doing all this colossal amount of work alone is quite difficult, so she needs your help in order to manage to cope with all daily duties in time.

How to play?
You have to visit many amazing locations with a charming atmosphere and exciting tasks that you should complete as quickly as possible. The less time you spend searching for items, the greater your reward will be. Try to make fewer unnecessary actions and pick up only those things that you need. Get trophies and earn coins to be able to purchase additional bonuses. To simplify the search, auxiliary tools will be available to you, such as: a lens and a flash. The lens will show you the area where one random item is hidden, and the flash will allow you to see for a moment the location of all objects on the screen. Also, at the end of each level, you will find a bonus game in which you need to guess under which of the bowls the ball is hidden. Collect puzzles, develop mindfulness and memory. Harvest season is in full swing, so get started now!

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