Game Farm Land and Harvest

This harvest game for toddlers is a great way to play and learn something new about our world. Here you will find a lot of interesting things, you will be able to assemble machines in parts for various work in the fields. Bake bread, clean the fields, as well as plant them. The boys are waiting for seed sowing machines and fertilizer spreaders, watering machines, tractors and huge combine harvesters. Surely you wondered: where does the food on our table come from? How does he get to the store? What is it made of? Who does it? And how long does the whole process take? Now let’s figure it out! When we see ruddy and appetizing bread on the store counter, we must remember: its path to us is long and extremely exciting! First you need to set up the equipment, then prepare the seeds, then go to the field to sow the field, and then wait until the wheat ripens and can be harvested and sent for processing to bake bread. This is roughly what you will be doing in this game about farm land and crops. You can also learn a lot of interesting things not only about the fields and equipment, but also about various vegetables and fruits. Have a good game!

Game Farm Land and Harvest
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