Game Nickelodeon: Halloween Fair

Welcome to Nickelodeon Fair! Already quite – very soon the long-awaited day of All Saints will come. He is adored by both kids and adults. Do you love Halloween? On this day, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead disappear, and right on the street you can meet a spirit or a vampire in the flesh and not even notice it. On this mysterious and mysterious holiday, everything is possible, especially unrestrained fun. That’s exactly what you’ll do in Nickelodeon: Halloween Fair.

How to play?
Together with the famous characters NickJunior, you will discover the world of traditional jokes, creepy snacks and special mystical festivities. To get the first feeling of the Halloween fair, the first thing you need to do is go to the barn of a creepy makeup girl named Sunny. There, you can choose your character and choose a suitable creepy image for him. Then it’s time to feast on the traditional scary tasty treats from Rocky and Fortress. there you will need to use your culinary skills and prepare interesting themed desserts. Then we can go to Jack Lantern’s garden. There you will help Zita light the pumpkins that Nazboo constantly blows out with his deafening sneeze. And finally, you are welcome to visit the Flash mini-farm, where you have to find all your friends under ghost costumes. Have a good game!

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