Food Empire Inc game

Grow your sky farm empire and become a high tech billionaire in this idle farming game. Grow lettuce, strawberries, watermelons, lavender, mint, carrots, tomatoes in the sky! This is what business looks like in the future, where everything will happen in laboratories. Use coins to upgrade production. Hire sophisticated managers to automate tasks. Build new sky farms high in the sky. Here you can realize yourself as a cool businessman and open your food empire.

How to play?
Earn money even while you sleep on your food empire. Attract investors to your sky farm venture business and make tons of profit. Click on your lab workers to start farming. Then move the crop to ground level using the elevator. Finally, move the crop to your warehouse to make a profit. Try to do everything quickly, because the more money you earn, the more improvements you can use to improve all production and your workers. Build the biggest food supply empire ever!

Food Empire Inc game
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