The best Dutch cabbage varieties

In our country, white cabbage is traditionally popular. This popularity is explained by the peculiarities of the national cuisine, which includes various pickles, marinades, sauerkraut, โ€ฆ

Preparing the land for cabbage seedlings

Zaraziha (lat. Orobanche) Plant-parasite of the broomrape family, belongs to the genus chlorophyll-free perennial or annual herbaceous. The family has more than 150 species, and โ€ฆ

Storage rules for cabbage and beets

Honeysuckle (lat.Lonicera) A shrub from the honeysuckle family. There are erect, curly or creeping varieties. About 190 species of this plant are known. Flowers vary โ€ฆ

Grow cabbage seedlings | Grow a garden!

Growing cabbage seedlings of different types For growing cabbage seedlings, several techniques are used to make the harvest a success. It is customary to distinguish โ€ฆ

What kind of cabbage is there?

Cabbage is one of the most popular types of vegetable crops. White, red, broccoli, kale, mizuna โ€“ this is not the whole list of a โ€ฆ