Country Farmer game

Rural Farmer Game is an exciting third-person farming simulation game that gives you a unique opportunity to start the life of a simple farmer! You will find yourself in a small suburban village in the middle of the hills, where you will have everything you need to gradually develop your business. Drive heavy agricultural machinery and transport goods to sell on the market.

How to play?
First, enter your name in the appropriate field, which will be displayed on the plate near your possessions. The game has 24 exciting levels, in each of which you have to complete a certain task. Get behind the wheel of your tractor and attach a forage plow to it, then go to plow the field. To get into a vehicle, simply walk up to it and then click on the action button that appears on the right. Drive a truck and buy seeds for sowing at the city market, the path to which will be marked on the map. On the way back, be extremely careful not to drop the cargo from the trunk. Also, for safer transportation of goods, you can use a horse-drawn carriage. Control the cart with stirrups, fusing the horse in the right direction. Avoid collisions with local residents and various obstacles so that your wagon does not overturn. After a successful sowing, attach a watering unit to the tractor and start abundantly irrigating your land. Spray your garden with chemicals to get rid of pests and grow a good crop. Take control of a huge harvester and start harvesting. Sell ripened wheat to buy some farm animals such as cows, goats, sheep and chickens with the proceeds. Cultivate the land and become a real farming tycoon!

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