Sheep Farm Game

In the new exciting Sheep Farm game, you have to go to the sheep farm and help Ben take care of the animals! You must take care of the sheep and make sure they don’t need anything. Will you be able to cope with all the responsibilities and ensure the prosperity of the farm?

How to play?
To begin, feed the sheep freshly cut grass, then draw cool water from the well to quench their thirst. Gradually, the sheep will become overgrown with wool, which is why you will need to shear them regularly. The resulting fur must be properly washed and then dried in order to make high-quality strands of threads from it. Also, do not forget to regularly feed your flock with special food that will speed up the process of hair growth. Milk the sheep in time to get fresh milk. If one of the lambs suddenly falls ill, you should immediately give him a healing potion. You must act quickly to meet all the needs of your sheep in time. Collect as many points as possible before the end of the working day. Go to the market where you can sell unnecessary items and purchase various goods that will help you in the further development of the farm. Buy food, bags, sheep, medicines, larger carts and more. Good luck!

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