Game Family Farm 2

Welcome to Family Farm 2, in which you have to go to a cozy country ranch to plant various crops and breed animals! Expand your farms by purchasing new land and growing more different vegetables on them! First you need to prepare the soil, so pick up your shovel and get to work! Then visit the trading shop, where you can purchase the necessary seeds.

How to play?
After a while, the previously planted vegetables will give their first profit, which you will need to periodically collect to buy other agricultural supplies. Also, if necessary, you can sell previously purchased goods to make room in the garden for planting other crops. Go to the “Improvements” tab to speed up the ripening of crops and increase their productivity. Harvest and earn valuable experience that will be needed to increase your level. Raise chickens, pigs, rabbits, sheep, horses and cattle to become a real farming tycoon! Spin the wheel of fortune and get daily gifts for logging into the game!

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