Farm town game

Welcome to a cozy farming town where you will have the opportunity to start your own business, supplying high quality goods to major cities! You will have at your disposal a fairly spacious room, near a small plot of land, as well as an old pickup truck for transporting products.

How to play?
The game has 40 exciting levels, in each of which you need to complete several tasks. Sow the land, wait until the crop is ripe, then load the bags into the truck to take them to the market. You should hurry, as you will have a limited amount of time to complete the entire amount of work. The faster you manage to complete all the tasks, the more points you earn. Increase your starting budget with each subsequent level to be able to purchase more land to plant more profitable crops. Earn money and buy new equipment to produce more products. Learn new recipes and cook dozens of different treats to expand your menu with items such as fresh bread, pie, hot dog, pizza, sushi and many other gourmet dishes. Build pens for pets on the territory of your farm, because quality meat is always in demand among buyers. We wish you a pleasant game!

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