Game Farm Frenzy 2

Farm Frenzy 2 is a continuation of the famous Farm Frenzy game. Here everything will be much more difficult, but also much more interesting. There are a lot more farming opportunities in front of you, so start playing! As before, your farming business starts with a small area where you will raise chickens. With the help of a well, you can extract water and water the earth so that grass grows on it. Chickens eat grass, and without it they will die. Having collected several eggs in the warehouse, you can send them for sale to the city, for this your personal transport will be used. In Farm Frenzy 2, instead of annoying bears, pandas will attack your barnyard, they look a little scarier, but you will also find cages for them. Pass levels and complete missions for which you will receive experience points. Use points to research new buildings in the store. You can explore Powder Factory, Spinnery, Bakery, Airplane, Improved Well, Improved Panda Cage, and more. To go through the whole game you need to move around the map, on which all the levels of the game are located. Develop your farm as much as possible to get the maximum income and become the best farmer in the area. In addition to ducks, you can have a piglet, a cow or a sheep on your farm. A dog is perfect for protecting the territory, as well as a cat for helping with the housework. She will collect all the products that appear and take them to the warehouse. Organize the coordinated work of your farm and it will certainly flourish!

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