Game Summer Residents: Farm and Adventure

If you have ever dreamed of breaking out of the daily routine and spending your free time in a quiet cozy village, away from the bustle of the city, then we are glad to present you the game “Summer Residents: Farm and Adventure”! In this amazing simulator, you will have the opportunity to build your own country ranch, master gardening skills, grow crops and trade various products with your neighbors to earn money.

How to play?
First you need to choose the gender and name of your character, after which you will find yourself on a small plot of land where a lot of work awaits you. The other day there was a very strong hurricane, so some buildings are in need of repair. Carefully inspect your possessions and repair any damaged buildings. Collect golden stacks of ripened wheat and take them to the barn. Complete various exciting tasks to earn experience to increase your level. Near your house there is an order board, on which announcements from residents of neighboring villages will hang. Load the van with everything you need and send the goods to the customer to get gold coins that can be used to buy seeds. Breed chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and many other farm animals, thanks to which you can increase profits from the sale of raw materials by several times. If you want to speed up the resource production process, use crystals that will save you a lot of precious time. Go on expeditions to neighboring islands, explore new lands and make incredible discoveries!

Game Summer Residents: Farm and Adventure
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