Game Beginner Farmer

We are glad to welcome you in the new exciting game “Beginner Farmer”, in which you have to go to a cozy country house and clean up the land! Complete various tasks and earn money that you need to buy furniture and many other useful things. Roll up your sleeves and start uprooting weeds to prepare the ground for planting tomatoes, cabbages, and many other vegetables that can later be sold on the market.

How to play?
Pick up an ax and go to the forest, where you can stock up on firewood for the stove. Also, under some trees, you can find edible mushrooms that you can have a nice dinner. But you won’t be full of mushrooms alone, so try to catch fish in the river near your house. Gather a whole cartload of fresh grass for the hens to make them better at laying eggs. If you want to earn some extra money, then ask for help from a local entrepreneur who will gladly offer you some kind of paid job. Carefully monitor the vital signs of your character and meet all his needs in time. Good luck!

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