Game Best Farm

The Best Farm game opens up endless possibilities for you in the development of your personal farm. Here you can do everything, feed chickens, milk cows, grow potatoes, carrots and many other crops. It all starts with a small plot of land that comes at your disposal and ends with a huge farm with a large territory, a bunch of agricultural buildings and many factories. Ready to start developing the best farm? Then go ahead! Plant all areas with the cheapest crop, such as potatoes. After the potatoes grow, sell them to the store. With some profit, you can buy chickens or cows. To quickly dig up land, you will need a plow, and to grow the most expensive crops, you will need an automatic irrigation system. By purchasing these devices, you can easily develop your farm to a fairly high level. Further, having collected a good amount of money, you can expand the boundaries of your farm by buying free plots. Over time, you will be able to build different factories that will produce butter, cheese, flowers, chocolate, and even truffles. It is worth noting that for the operation of each plant in your barn, you must always have the products necessary for processing. For example, to make butter you need milk, and to make porridge you need wheat and corn. With hard work, you can create a successful farm that will be better than everyone else. Thanks to this, you will become the most successful and richest farmer. Good game friends!

Game Best Farm
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