Farmers Steal Tanks game

“Farmers Steal Tanks” is an incredibly fun game inspired by real events! An enemy army has invaded your native land, which began to sow chaos and destruction throughout the country. A whole column of armored vehicles entered the city and began shelling the houses of civilians. You have to play the role of a simple farmer and steal as many enemy tanks as possible, which have run out of fuel.

How to play?
Get behind the wheel of your tractor and go to destroy the tanks of the invaders, ramming them with a stolen tank to get an extra life. In total, you will have 3 lives, after the loss of which your tractor will break. Therefore, try to dodge the projectiles flying at you in order to avoid damage. With proper skill, you can drive in circles around the tank until it runs out of fuel. Follow the direction of his turret rotation and move in the opposite direction. You can even force your enemies to fire on your allies by maneuvering deftly between two tanks. Tow the stolen equipment to your shed. Drink a bottle of strong drink to increase your movement speed for a while. Earn the maximum number of points and set new amazing records!

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