Game Spirit: Horse Farm

Do you love horses? According to social polls, every second adult or child would like to at least occasionally spend time with horses, ride, care for them and just enjoy positive emotions from these proud and charming animals. In today’s game, you have to take care of a horse farm. Its cool! You can have fun and usefully spend time paying attention to cute horses! As you already understood, in the main role, of course, we have a charming horse Spirit and his cool rider Lucky! The guys need your help on the farm, they have too many horses and they need special care. If you’re ready, let’s get started! First, you will go through a small briefing with Lucky and Spirit to understand what needs to be done. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your horse’s metrics to keep track of. You can feed them apples, carrots, sugar to raise all stats. you also need to clean the stall so that everything is clean. Horses can be pampered by doing things like brushing them, washing them, taking care of their hooves, and doing other things that make the horse feel great and look great. For each correct action of the farmer, you get points in the form

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