Game Farmer’s Edition Three Peaks

We are glad to welcome you in this fascinating card world. Three Peaks Farm Edition is a cool game in which you will become a real farmer. This is quite hard work, so your companion will help you in this matter. Ready to go on a cool card adventure? Then go ahead!

How to play?
Before you will be a huge number of levels that you have to go through. Your task is to remove all the cards from the table using as few moves as possible. Cards located on the table can be removed by putting them in a deck. The removed card must be one rank higher or lower than the one on top of the deck. If there is no suitable card, then you can change the top card. If all the cards from the deck run out, then you lose. You can save yourself only by buying additional cards. Complete levels and earn money. Let’s find out how many levels you can pass. We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!

Game Farmer's Edition Three Peaks
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