Game Clicker Small Farm

Welcome to a wonderful little farm. Today, you will become one of the owners of the farm and will be able to do this difficult, but very exciting craft yourself. In “Little Farm Clicker” game, you will take care of your own farm. The first step is to plant wheat. In order for it to grow better and start making a profit, you need to move the mouse over it.

There are several cells on the field where prices are written. As soon as you earn enough money, then you can open a cell with a new animal or plant. To make them bring more income, you should automate each department and pump it. Then there will be more money and you can quickly buy a new farm. For example, if at first you only planted wheat, then over time you will be able to get chickens, cows, plant corn, carrots, and so on. Enjoy the game and good luck!

Game Clicker Small Farm
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