Breeds of chickens Amroks, Plymouthrocks and Wyandots

Amroks, Plymouthrocks and Wyandots are widespread in households.

The first breed was bred in the United States of America in the middle of the 20th century. Laying hens of this breed are quite egg-laying. They lay up to 220 eggs per year. The shells are usually light brown in color, and their weight is 58 grams or more. The weight of the bird reaches three kilograms in hens and up to four kilograms in roosters. This breed is distinguished primarily by vitality. Such birds grow quickly and are characterized by a powerful physique. Chicks fledge at a very early age – at five weeks old. Already on the second day of life, the owner of small feathered individuals can determine whether the hen is in front of him or the rooster by the shape of the white spot on the head and the color of the fluff. The females have a darker color and a clear spot. The determination accuracy is up to 90%. Amroks are broad birds with black plumage and gray-white transverse stripes.

Born cock - plymouth.

Plymouth Rocks are a breed of chicken that was bred in the United States in the mid-20th century. The weight of laying hens is about two and a half – three kilograms. Roosters weigh about three to three and a half kilograms. The egg production of this breed ranges from one individual to 200 eggs per year. Their shells are dark yellow, and their weight is 55 grams or more. The birds are calm. They are very strong and medium in size. This is an egg-meat breed that is perfect for breeding in the household. Plymouthrock laying hens are not adapted to breeding “offspring”. The color of these chickens is striped. The wings are short and slightly raised. The beak is yellow, short and very strong. In addition to the striped color, there are also birds with white, black, yellow and partridge plumage.

Wyandota chicken breed

Wyandotte is another breed bred in the USA. In Europe, such chickens were imported at the end of the 19th century. Their main features are calmness and gullibility. They feel great in a limited area, although they prefer, of course, larger walking areas. These birds have a lively character and are well adapted to frost and cold. The physique of Wyandot laying hens is wide, and the tail is very lush, but short, like the beak. Eye color is orange-red. The plumage is soft and lush and can be of various colors: blue, golden-white, motley, silver, black, white, golden-blue and other shades. Layers of this breed reach a weight of three kilograms, and roosters – three and a half kilograms. Egg production reaches 180 pieces per year, in subsequent years it decreases significantly. So in the second year, the chicken lays up to 150 eggs, and then less and less. The color of the shell can be light or dark brown. The mass of the egg is from 53 grams.

Breeds of chickens Amroks, Plymouthrocks and Wyandots

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