Chickens: Treatment and prevention of goiter candidiasis

At first, when goiter candidiasis has just begun to develop in a chicken, the bird can still and should be saved. The first and most effective way of treatment is massage. It must be done to the laying hen two or even more times a day. With the help of massage, the esophagus is freed from the fluid accumulated in it.

The procedure is carried out as follows. The chicken must be pressed against the body, in an upright position, so that the head is down, feel for the ball in the goiter and slowly begin to massage it, gradually moving from the stomach to the head. You need to do this for several minutes so that all the liquid comes out. During massage actions, a gurgling sound is felt in the bird’s throat and accumulated liquid comes out of it, in which candida fungi gather. On top of that, the laying hen can be slightly rocked, then the liquid will come out much easier.

After the massage, it is necessary to give an antibiotic. A good remedy is ten percent Baytril. It is poured into the bird’s throat with a small syringe. The medicine should be administered twice a day for five days. Much attention is also paid to where the drug enters, so as not to clog the airways. Two hours after taking the antibiotic, the chicken is given full-fat bio-yogurt. It must also be administered to the bird through a syringe. Such food is a probiotic, which is well absorbed by the laying hen’s body and helps to restore the microflora.

If inflammation of the goiter is detected in the chicken, you should stop giving it the usual food: compound feed, grain, greens. A healthier food for the bird would be a hard-boiled egg mixed with yogurt or vegetable oil, or mashed potatoes. It is also necessary to constantly ensure that there is clean fresh water in the drinker. Treatment should be continued until the body of the laying hen recovers and liquid comes out of the goiter in the morning during the massage. She may need to be relocated from the chicken coop so that she recovers faster, and nothing and no one interferes with her in this, does not disturb the peace of the sick individual.

Prevention of goiter candidiasis in chickens implies, first of all, free range. It is easier for birds to find the necessary foods and nutrients, vitamins and minerals for themselves. A prerequisite is the supply of laying hens, especially those that are constantly in the hen house or in a limited area, small pebbles, crushed shells or gravel, which are necessary for normal, healthy digestion. They help the goiter to get rid of food.

Healthy chickens need to add apple cider vinegar to the water per liter of water, one teaspoon of natural vinegar. It will allow you to maintain a healthy microflora in the body of the laying hen. In addition to food, white rice, bread and even pasta should be given. Greens in the feeder must be crushed.

And, finally, it is necessary to carry out the prevention of birds against infection with worms and other parasites.

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