Tsarskoye Selo chickens

Tsarskoye Selo feathered pets were selected by crossing several breeds of chickens. Their “parents” are broilers with red-striped plumage, Poltava clay chickens and New Hampshires. The newly bred breed turned out with a red striped feather color. It belongs to the meat of egg production.

The annual egg production of laying hens is about 180 eggs, the weight of which varies between 58-59 grams. The color of the shell can be from light to dark brown. Adult females gain up to two and a half kilograms of live weight, roosters – up to three kilograms of two hundred grams.

Tsarskoye Selo feathered pets are adapted to keeping in cold northern regions at low temperatures. They have a beautiful feather color, which is found only in a few other breeds around the world. The tail has a dark striped color, in contrast to areas of the body where the plumage is reddish striped. The legs of these chickens are yellow. The crest is pinkish, and the lobes are red. The belly is well developed, the body is rather wide, long and deep.

Tsarskoye Selo chickens are distinguished by their beauty, calmness, nobility, and large size. They are quite resistant to stressful situations, are good hens, take care of their offspring and carefully care for chickens.

These feathered pets are well fed, they produce tasty, high-quality meat. Chickens, even in the cold season, can rush, do not stop laying eggs, thanks to the lush, dense plumage.

“Tsarskoye Selo” chickens are characterized by rapid growth, high survival and unpretentiousness. These birds are not demanding on the conditions of detention, easy to care for and feed. The main advantage of this breed is its low susceptibility and high resistance to the appearance and development of various diseases.

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