Chickens: Treating Gastroenteritis in Chickens

The main reason for the appearance of gastroenteritis in chickens is poor-quality feed fed to the bird. In order to prevent illness and cure feathered pet diarrhea, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate all errors and negative effects of products on the stomach and intestines of chickens and review their content.

The most optimal would be feeding the bird yogurt and cottage cheese. Solutions will also help to cope with gastroenteritis:

  • ferrous sulfate (0,2%);
  • potassium iodide (0,02%);
  • succinic or lactic acid (0,1%).

These solutions should be given to chickens until recovery at intervals of 1-2 days.

It is necessary to include antibiotics in the feed of feathered pets: tetracycline, neomycin, biomycin and others. Their dosage depends on the age of the bird. Young individuals should be given 5-10 mg two to three times a day, for adult layers, the dosage is 10-20 mg, also 2-3 times a day. The duration of antibiotic treatment is three to five days.

When diarrhea occurs, sulfonamides, for example, sulgin, etazol, fthalazol, and others, can also be given to chickens.

After completing the antibiotic treatment of birds, they should be fed probiotics with feed or water: lactobacterin, bifidobacterin, etc. These drugs should be used for a week or two. They are given once a day in the evening.

Treatment of gastroenteritis begins only after infectious diseases accompanied by diarrhea are excluded from the bird: typhoid, helminthic infestations, pasteurellosis and others.

If gastroenteritis has “passed” into a chronic form, treatment with probiotics should be continued until complete recovery occurs. It is also necessary to include bitter English (Karlovy Vary) salt in the amount of 3-5 grams, natural gastric juice – 5-10 milliliters, or sodium sulfate in the amount of 3-5 grams once a day.

To avoid the appearance of gastroenteritis, it is necessary to carry out prevention, expressed by proper feeding of the bird, that is, feeding feathered pets with high-grade protein vitamin products, and also follow the rules for keeping chickens.

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