Chinese method of growing potatoes – technology features

In China, potato production is supported by the government, which is interested in saving land and reducing the consumption of grain crops. The Celestial Empire managed in a short time to become one of the leaders in the export of potatoes thanks to special agricultural techniques. Growing potatoes using the Chinese method allows you to get more than 20 kg of yield from one bush.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Common techniques for increasing potato yields are aimed primarily at creating conditions when the plant receives enough air, moisture and nutrients. In the Netherlands, this is achieved by planting potatoes in the ridges; in Russia, planting is traditionally spud. The Chinese method is to create favorable conditions for increasing the number of underground shoots on which tubers are formed.

For this, the seeds are planted to a great depth and, as they grow, sprinkle with humus, leaving only the tops of the leaves on the surface. The root part begins to actively form, and the number of tubers on one bush increases.

The advantages of Chinese potato growing technology include:

  • saving seeds and area of ​​the site;
  • reduction of labor costs for weeding and hilling;
  • reducing the risk of plant damage by leaf beetle pests;
  • rare, albeit more abundant watering.

The main disadvantage of the method is the high labor intensity of planting operations. The planting depth of tubers is about half a meter, so not every gardener can dig such holes. The technology is only suitable for high-yielding varieties and requires a sufficient amount of humus or compost. It will also require increased control of pests that live in the soil – wireworms and bears.

Seed preparation

An important stage in technology is the correct preparation of the planting material. To increase the number of “awakened” eyes, a deep groove is scraped out in the center of the potato – the “waist”. The size of the seeds should be appropriate – not less than a chicken egg. Places of cuts should be powdered with ash to avoid the development of rot. The potatoes are laid out in a bright room for germination. The formation of full-fledged shoots in the upper and lower parts of the tuber takes about a month.

A distinctive groove helps all eyes to wake up

Planting work

Planting potatoes in Chinese is carried out later than usual, so that the soil at a depth has time to warm up well. The soil on the site should be loose and contain a sufficient amount of organic matter, which is introduced in the fall.


  1. Dig holes at least 0,5 m deep and 80 cm in diameter.
  2. At the bottom, place half a bucket of compost mixed with a handful of ash and a tablespoon of superphosphate.
  3. Plant the sprouted tuber in the resulting mixture.
  4. Sprinkle with earth about ten centimeters.
  5. Liberally pour.

If mechanized means of cultivating the land are available, the pits can be replaced with trenches. In this case, humus is poured with a slide and the seeds are placed in the center. The distance between the pits should be at least 40 cm. After planting, the potatoes do not require additional maintenance until shoots appear.

photo of planting potatoes in Chinese

Care of potatoes during growth

The first treatment is carried out when the young plant reaches a height of 15 cm. Humus is added to the pit so that no more than 5 cm of foliage remains on the surface. Try to spread the compost between the stems. After the growing tops, the operation is repeated until the pit is completely filled with earth.

In dry and hot climates, the plant should be watered once every 7-10 days. If there is enough moisture, then the potatoes are irrigated once after the start of flowering. The buds are removed so that all the nutrients go to the formation of the root system.

Simultaneously with watering, you can feed the potato bushes with a solution of wood ash or humus. It is useful to periodically loosen the top layer of the soil to avoid the formation of a crust, which prevents air from reaching the root system.

With the Chinese method of planting potatoes, weeds practically do not grow. Since the plant is covered with soil during the active growth period, it is better protected from the Colorado potato beetle. Although the pest does not have time to multiply en masse, the treatment is carried out in the usual manner. Plants also need protection against fungal diseases that can be activated in a humid environment.

By the time of harvest, potatoes form 10-15 stems, and tubers are tied along the entire planting depth. But it can be problematic to dig out the crop because of the planting depth.

photo of growing potatoes in Chinese

Russian reality

Growing potatoes using Chinese technology can increase the yield up to 20-24 kg per bush. In practice, gardeners of the middle lane and the North-West region receive not as impressive results as the climatic conditions, as well as potato varieties in China and Russia, differ. The Chinese method of planting is common in Eastern Siberia.

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