6 red flowers that grow from seeds, sprout quickly and delight with flowering

These vibrant crops will brighten up any flower garden. They do not require special care, it is enough to sow seeds in the ground and enjoy the wonderful view of the plants. Many of them get along well together in the same flower bed.


Wavy “caps” liven up the entire area. Although everyone is accustomed to yellow flowers, red, orange and brown buds are equally common.

They bloom from June until frost.

The strong aroma repels pests from the beds, so this flower is not only beautiful, but also useful. Growing marigolds is easy by sowing seeds directly into open ground in early spring or planting seedlings.


This red flower can be called a symbol of summer – it is simple but stylish at the same time. Having sowed it once, you can no longer worry about planting – the poppy reproduces on its own.

During the season, he can capture the entire site, so we must not forget to collect the boxes with seeds in time.

Poppy becomes a real gem of the site if it is grown in the center of a flower garden.


Zinnia comes in a variety of colors, so your garden will be enriched with a variety of colors – from peach to burgundy.

The plant is unpretentious, tolerates drought well, grows even on poor soil.

Direct sunlight does not have a negative effect on the buds – they do not fade or fade. Seeds can be sown outdoors when the weather is stable and warm, in March or April.


Tall light helenium prefers good lighting, open spaces and does not need shelter. The plant grows rapidly, it must be divided every 3-4 years for more lush flowering.

The culture can be sown directly into the ground, or seedlings can be grown. Next year, in the fall, the perennial will delight you with abundant flowering.


This perennial plant is a real highlight of the garden due to its bright flowering, unpretentiousness and compactness.

You can plant it anywhere, it is very decorative and beautiful.

A distinctive feature of red primroses is a contrasting yellow core. The plant is frost-resistant, easily grows from seeds, is grown both in the open field and in pots.

Red linen

Large-flowered flax in nature can grow up to 110 cm, but its cultivated varieties usually do not exceed 30-40 cm.

The bright plant looks great on Moorish lawns and mixborders.

He needs good lighting and sufficient watering. Small red flowers will decorate the lawn or rock garden.

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