5 strong amulets from the evil eye among houseplants

If you are at the stage of thinking about which houseplant you should buy to decorate your own interior or as a gift, then you should learn about five types of amazing ornamental plants that help rid the house of negativity, making the atmosphere in it cozy and pleasant.


Cacti are considered reliable defenders against damage and slander. In order to prevent a person carrying dark thoughts or malicious intent towards the owners from entering the house, you should put a cactus pot near the front door.

If the cactus blooms, this is a good sign: peace and prosperity will reign in the house.


Azalea is a lush-flowering houseplant that can protect the house from gossip and gossip. This flower will bring harmony to your home, as it is able to balance and stabilize the atmosphere and soften morals.

Azalea has a pacifying energy, so it becomes easy and calm in the house where it blooms.

rose flower

The most delicate flower with a wonderful scent, the rose can be used as a means to recognize bad intentions. A bad person with bad thoughts, finding himself in a house where roses grow, will instantly feel unwell and weak.

A benevolent guest, on the contrary, will feel cheerfulness and a surge of strength, will be cheerful and open with you.


Tradescantia is a plant with which you can rid your house of envy and anger of ill-wishers, cleanse the energy of the room, create an atmosphere of cleanliness and comfort in it.

The best locations are the kitchenette and living room, where you most often receive guests.

To prevent envious people and people “with the evil eye” from entering your house, place Tradescantia in a bright pots in a prominent place in front of the entrance.


The most powerful amulet for the home is geranium. The scent of this flower easily suppresses negative energy, anger and rage of people who want to harm you and your loved ones.

Geranium feels good in rooms where most often all family members get together, it helps to maintain an atmosphere of friendly participation, love and mutual understanding in the house.

The lush bloom of geraniums indicates that a strong influence of negative energy is directed against the family. During such periods, the flower should be rearranged from a permanent place to the windowsill so that the plant has the ability to “reflect blows” from the outside more effectively.

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