The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

Onion is a healthy plant that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Nowadays, many people grow it right in their homes. Today we will talk about what are the nuances of growing this crop on the windowsills.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

Advantages and disadvantages

Growing onions on a windowsill has some advantages.

  • Convenience. If necessary, it will be easy to pick the right amount of such onions without leaving home.

  • Ease of care. Batun onion is considered a rather demanding crop. It needs frequent watering, the introduction of various fertilizers. All these procedures can also be performed without leaving home. It is recommended to place containers on the sunniest side. They are often placed on balconies.

  • Space saving. Culture does not take up too much space in the house. It can be planted in compact containers. In this case, it will not be necessary to allocate a separate place in the garden.

But this method of cultivation also has some disadvantages. In winter, the onion batun will not receive enough light on the windowsill, so you will have to use special fitolamps.

In addition, plantings will have to be sprayed regularly in winter. After all, heating equipment will dry out the air in the room, which will negatively affect the condition of the plants.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill


Before landing, you need to carry out some preparatory activities. To do this, first, the seeds of the culture are soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes. After that, they are immersed in heated water for 10-12 hours. During this procedure, the water will need to be changed twice.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

Sometimes, instead of a solution of potassium permanganate, formulations with the drug “Fitosporin” are used. It will further prevent the emergence and development of various fungal diseases.

After such treatment, the seed material should be dried well. When planting, the seeds should be dry and loose.

It is also recommended to treat the seed material with a growth stimulator. Such substances are sold ready-made in specialized stores. For the same purpose, you can use aloe or garlic juice.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

And also you need to prepare the soil in advance for planting. It should have neutral acidity and high nutritional value. Peat and clean sand can be added to its composition. The best option for such vegetation will be sandy and loamy soils.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

For home cultivation, land taken from the garden can also be suitable. But in this case, it will need to be pre-steamed for 30 minutes, and then poured with a solution of potassium permanganate. After that, humus is added to it. You can mix garden soil with store-bought soil.

In any case, the earth mixture is recommended to be disinfected first. To do this, you can also use a solution of potassium permanganate. The soil soaked in this composition is left for several days in a room with room temperature. Remember that it is strictly forbidden to sow seeds in cold ground.

Choose a suitable container for planting in advance. Almost any boxes and pots with a height of at least 15 centimeters will do. Small holes are necessarily made in the bottom of such containers, through which excess water will go into the pan. This will prevent moisture stagnation and the development of fungal diseases.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

Remember that such vegetation can be placed on the windowsill throughout the year. On the balcony, containers with this onion can only be left for periods from April to October.


Now we will analyze how to properly plant a bow-batun at home on the window. The containers are filled with soil. Small grooves are formed in it at a distance of 5-6 centimeters from each other.

After that, the treated seeds are deepened into the soil by about 2-3 cm. Next, the soil is slightly sprinkled with a spray bottle. All this is covered with a film and sent to a warm place until the first shoots appear.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill


To grow such a crop in an apartment or house and get a full harvest, special care is needed. Onion-batun is not picky about the temperature regime, it easily tolerates both coolness and heat. But still it will be necessary to periodically ventilate the room in which the landings are located.

The culture requires regular, but moderate watering. Water must first be infused. Moreover, the warmer the liquid, the more it will be needed. In order to always maintain optimal humidity, you can place several containers of water next to the plants.

Feeding is also important. Without them, the onion will be small and pale. Fertilizers should be applied twice a month. The best option would be mineral dressings, they can be purchased in finished form in garden stores.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

Once a month, you can add biohumus. A good option would be infusions prepared on the basis of various herbs: dandelion, celandine, calendula, nettle. After the appearance of the first shoots, superphosphate and potassium sulfate can be added.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

A solution with wood ash can be used as a fertilizer. To prevent various diseases, you can prepare a composition with tobacco dust, with mustard powder. To cure the plant and increase its immunity, infusions with potato or tomato tops prepared at home can also be suitable.


Greens can be cut when it reaches a height of 17-20 centimeters. Do this with careful and slow movements along a pair of extreme feathers. The first sprouts should not be touched, otherwise the plant may greatly slow down in its growth.

By the autumn season, the greens are already cut off completely at the surface of the earth. Green leaves are carefully collected in bunches and placed in a plastic bag. In this form, the crop is sent to the refrigerator.

The nuances of growing onion-batun on the windowsill

Batun onions can continue their development in the winter, but at the same time it will be necessary to provide a suitable temperature regime (17-18 degrees Celsius). When the feathers begin to lose their freshness and taste, then the bulb will no longer be suitable for a good harvest.

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