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How to choose potato varieties for central Russia

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The most productive

Variety “Wizard”

Tubers are oval, white, large. The peel is smooth, the flesh is white, the eyes are superficial. Tuber weight – from 87 to 190 g. The variety responds well to the introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers. Planting tubers do not tolerate cutting and waterlogging. A negative property of the variety is the formation of voids in very large tubers. In addition, damage during harvesting of the skin of tubers leads to rapid decay of their pulp and deterioration of storage. Resistant to common scab.

Table variety, the earliest, crustacean resistant, with white tubers of high marketability, good keeping quality and taste. This variety is the most widely zoned. In production conditions, when harvesting in July, it provides a yield of 1,7 to 2,5 kg per 1 sq. m.

Fruitful potatoes

In potatoes it is below average – only 10-15%. While the average mass of one tuber is also small – 100-130g.

It is very difficult to choose the most worthy potato variety that you would like in all respects. Reviews of gardeners who cultivate several varieties on their backyards characterize the “Ballad” variety very positively. Summer residents, as a rule, are satisfied with the yield of this variety, as well as the taste of the harvested crop.

The tubers should be planted with a distance of 25-45 cm, deepening them by about 5-6 cm.

Ballada potato bushes are very powerful and are characterized by strong vigor


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The most delicious

Potatoes “Ballada” refers to mid-season varieties of table purpose Potatoes “Ballada” refers to mid-season varieties of table purpose. The variety is able to demonstrate high yields and form high-quality tubers even under adverse weather and climatic conditions.

Tuleyevsky potatoes also have a very thin skin. But, like the previous variety, having excellent taste, it does not tolerate long-term storage well enough, therefore it is not suitable for export outside Russia. It grows and develops quite quickly, but it is very capricious when temperature indicators of more than +25 degrees appear. It is best not to plan to plant this variety of root crops in too large quantities, and after harvesting, try to use it as soon as possible and not store it for a long time to avoid the appearance of fungus.

Potatoes have been the versatile and most coveted vegetable on our tables for many years. The main thing when planting is to take into account the peculiarities of your climatic zone, and select only those varieties of this wonderful culture that are most adapted to the conditions of your region. What are the best mid-season potato varieties that are fruitful, delicious in taste and unpretentious to the soil for central Russia?

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Delicious. It is one of the ten most delicious Russian and foreign varieties. Resistant to potato nematode and scab, moderately resistant to late blight.

The variety is crustacean, late early, table, fruitful, very tasty. Keeping quality is good.

The most picky about the soil

Fruitful potatoes

Table variety, early maturing, with elongated beautiful pink tubers, one of the most delicious, for which it is widely zoned throughout the country.The variety of this potato is widespread in the central and southern regions of Russia, and is also widespread in Moldova and Ukraine.

Judging by the reviews of vegetable growers who grew potatoes of this variety from seed material from the “SeDeK” agricultural firm, in the second year of cultivation, each bucket of seed potatoes made it possible to obtain four buckets of harvest. Potato tubers pleasantly surprise with both external and taste qualities. All potatoes grow even and fairly large. They do not boil over, they are very fragrant and tasty when finished.

Fruitful potatoes

In the autumn, when digging up a plot for growing potatoes, it is necessary to add rotted manure to the soil. In the spring, it is very important to apply a mixture of peat and sand for planting at the rate of 10 kg per square meter of area. Ballada potatoes can be cultivated in trench, smooth and ridge methods.

The Ballada potatoes are very productive and form a powerful nest in the ground filled with a large number of large one-dimensional tubers.

Ballada potatoes: mid-season and very productive variety

Another relatively new excellent variety is called Pai. He managed to combine both a good degree of yield and excellent taste. Subject to home cultivation, providing the bushes with proper care, you can harvest up to 390 centners per hectare from your personal plot. Each potato can weigh about 400 grams, and also has the correct shape. This variety is well able to resist various diseases. And when cooking, it shows its best qualities – it has a thin skin, quickly and well boiled down, and also has an exquisite special taste.

Ballada potatoes are mid-season table varieties

Thanks to Tsar Peter, everyone in Russia once learned about potatoes. When ordinary citizens tasted the taste of this amazing root vegetable, it became a welcome guest at every site. And today nothing has changed – every owner of a personal plot prefers to grow potatoes in his garden.

Potatoes: basic information

    • Mid-early and mid-season, with early tuberization, table, high-yielding. The starch content in tubers is 12,8-15,5%. Their taste is good. When stored in small volumes, it has a satisfactory keeping quality.Proven options for the Moscow region.
    • An early maturing, crustacean variety, versatile in use. Tubers are oval, white, are highly marketable, good keeping quality and taste. Under production conditions, when harvesting in July, the yield is 1.2 kg per 1 sq. m.Spring is highly productive
    • Spring is one of the earliest ripening potato varietiesThe Ballada potato is one of the most productive
    • The variety has other advantages:Number of species
    • Courage, Gala, Dolphin, Basil, Purple potatoes, Gourmet, Pink spring, Lorkh, Irbit, Labella, Hostess, Handsome, Beauty, Innovator, Bellarosa, Agria, Rodrigo, Batat, Galaxy, Jelly, Elizabeth, Rowanushka, Ballad, Assol , Aurora, Asterix, Baron, Blueness, Ivan da MaryaWe have chosen to describe only some of the most popular varieties of delicious potatoes that can be grown in the middle zone of our country. But the rest of the varieties are no less interesting and also deserve your attention.
    • Arguing about which varieties of this root crop can be considered the most productive and ideal for planting and growing in central Russia, it is worth noting that rarely any type of vegetable crop is able to maintain constant high yields for many years. But still, you can select some varieties of potatoes that are recommended by experts specifically for your area, from which you can expect a good harvest with proper care.Blue-eyed variety
    • Late early, universal purpose, one of the most widespread in the world practice of potato growing. The starch content in tubers is increased – 22-23%, protein – 2,05-2,20%, vitamin C – 17,5-18,7 mg%. Taste qualities of tubers are from good to excellent, keeping quality is good. Tubers are white, round-oval, with a lack of potassium and phosphorus in the soil, they become oblong. The peel is smooth, at the top of the tuber – peeling, the eyes are superficial, located throughout the tuber. The pulp is white, has a greenish-yellow tint on the cut, does not darken after cleaning and boiling, it boils well. Tuber mass – 75-140Early maturing, crustacean, table variety, with large tubers, good keeping quality and excellent taste.
    • And its early maturity. What is important, this variety has good taste for an early maturing variety., Which has advantages over other varieties. But first things first.
    • Timely and correct measures for the care of potatoes after planting are a prerequisite for obtaining a large and high-quality harvest. Caring for potato plantings is absolutely not difficult, but there are several must-follow rules that help to get a high yield.
    • Excellent taste: potatoes are great for cooking in a variety of ways, including frying;
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Variety description

Typical problems:

Not all soils in our region can boast of good characteristics for growing potatoes.

Ballada potato bushes are very powerful and are characterized by strong vigor

The Idaho potato variety has the characteristic large size and regular shape of potatoes. Due to this, it is preferred to grow and divide it into many identical pieces when cooking, not only for home use, but also for serving in high-end restaurants. The degree of its yield can be up to 550 centners per hectare in good years. This indicator applies to the home cultivation of this variety, and subject to the planting of the crop in the breeding site. In tubers, experts note a high content of not only starch, but also useful carbohydrates, due to which this type of vegetable is not only nutritious, but also very useful for the health of the body of every person. It also shows persistent immunity to various kinds of diseases that can cause a lot of trouble for vegetable crops.

Advantages and disadvantages

Large batches are poorly preserved, therefore, the variety is not zoned for production, but remained a variety for amateur potato growers due to its good resistance to viral diseases. The tubers are round-flat, flattened. The peel is smooth, dotted with a bluish tint. The eyes are superficial, more intensely colored than the peel. The pulp of the tuber is white.Variety selected by NIIKH, mid-season, table, fruitful. Tubers are light pink, smooth, oval, weighing 83-120g. The pulp is white.

    • Medium early, crustacean, table variety, with beautiful oval pinkish tubers.
    • The purpose of such potatoes is for table. During drought, there may be no flowering.
    • On large planting areas, it is best to harrow the soil a week after planting potato tubers.
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Complex resistance to late blight and many viral diseases;

Dates and features of landing

Number of varieties:Colorado potato beetle, Medvedka, Pests

That is why, in order to plant this vegetable crop, for example, on clay and sandy soils, it is required to choose certain varieties suitable for growing on almost any soil. Such varieties of a favorite root crop are able to bring the owner of the site a harvest of 50 to 100 kg from each hundred square meters of the area.The Bellarosa variety has a fairly early ripening period, it is customary nowadays to grow it not only in Russia, but it is also popular in Belarus, Poland, Slovakia. If you water this elite potato variety in a timely manner, as well as apply the required organic fertilizers in the recommended doses on time, you can expect a yield from it, the degree of which is about 350 centners per hectare. The tubers themselves have a beautiful oval shape, are brown in color, and are also huge in size. This variety, for which the early ripening period is considered characteristic, is capable of producing two harvests per season in the southern regions of our country.

Early ripe, table, fruitful. Tubers are white, smooth, rounded-oval with a blunt apex. The eyes are small. The pulp is white.

The Ballada potato is one of the most productive

Variety “Lugovskaya”

Dutch, mid-season, high-yielding table variety, which is well stored, has good taste, is resistant to darkening after cooking, and is soft.

    1. Plant and grow
    1. Potatoes of this variety have small eyes of medium depth.
    1. Watering is one of the important factors that have a significant impact on the yield and quality of potatoes. In a dry summer, it is enough to make only three waterings.
    1. High productivity from each square meter of the sown area;
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Planting botanical seed material in the form of tubers-sets allows you to get potatoes that are completely free from various diseases

More than 3000

Care features:

Adretta – a variety of potatoes, whose homeland is Geramania. Bushes are able to grow in our region up to 60 cm, the formation of tubers takes place quite quickly. Subject to regular careful watering, you can expect a yield of up to 250 centners per hectare from this type of root crop, even if you decide to grow it on clay soil. Has an excellent degree of resistance to dry weather, and also does not require the introduction of a large number of obligatory baits. It can also grow and develop well on sandy soils. One tuber of such a vegetable can weigh about 130 grams.

Testimonials from truck drivers

The starch content in potatoes of this variety is 19%, and it also has excellent taste. It is recommended to plant tubers to a depth of no more than 25 cm, and provide them with normal constant watering. One such potato can weigh from 500 to 600 grams.

The eyes are small, few in number. Productivity 750-900 g / bush. Starchy (11,4-19,5%), starchy. Resistant to late blight and scab. Medium resistant to viral diseases.Sort “Provento”

Variety description

Potatoes are needed outdoors.Peel

Potatoes are very responsive to mixed fertilizing with both organic and various mineral fertilizers. It is advisable to carry out three dressings per season.Excellent keeping quality of the harvested crop without reducing the taste and marketability.

All questions about potatoesPotato growing technologies, Potatoes from seeds, Potato growing methods, Potato storage

Aspia – has a somewhat exotic fruity flavor, and also boils well enough without losing its valuable qualities. Bushes usually grow up to 85 centimeters in height, they can be somewhat smaller only on clay soil. It tolerates even high temperatures well – it is able to grow and develop normally even at +35 degrees. Even if the soil is in very poor condition, it is possible to harvest up to 150 centners per hectare from such a plot. The maximum yield on good soil is over 450 quintals.Rosar’s potatoes can also be called one of the best high-yielding varieties. The first crop can be harvested within 76 days from the moment of germination. Its fruits are not as large in size as in the previous varieties – about 150 grams, but it is quite possible to collect up to 20-30 pieces from one bush. The average yield of this type of potato is up to 320 centners per hectare. The starch content in each potato is from 13 to 17%. The bushes of this vegetable crop can reach about 6 cm in height, it also shows strong immunity to fungal infections and powdery mildew.

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Characteristics of spring potatoes

The mass of tubers is 100-130g. Productivity 700-1200 g / bush. Starch content 11-15%. Tasty. The shelf life is good. Relatively resistant to late blight, resistant to viral diseases, moderately resistant to common scab. Drought-resistant. Suitable for all types of soil.

Medium early variety. The growing season is 75-85 days. The color of the peel is white, the color of the flesh is white, the shape is round-oval, the depth of the eyes is average. The average tuber weight is 86-133 g. The number of tubers per bush is 9-15. Average yield 260-350 c / ha. The shelf life is good.The tuber is round oval in shape, the color of the peel is yellow, the color of the pulp is light yellow, of medium size. The average number of tubers is 10. The dry matter content is 9,7. Resistance to damage by viruses X, Yn, leaf twisting, potato nematode, common scab, late blight of tops and tubers.

To care for the plant, it is enoughSmooth, has a light pink tint.When pollinating potato tops with ordinary wood ash, gardeners have an excellent opportunity to reduce the risk of damage to bushes by the Colorado potato beetle, as well as prevent plant rotting in conditions of high humidity.

On average, from each bush, it is possible, with proper care, to collect from 8 to 20 large tubers, the weight of which most often exceeds 115 grams.

Elizabeth. Such an excellent potato variety ripens in medium terms. Its yield on sandy and loamy soils can be up to 250 centners per hectare. In the event that there is hard loam, and fertilizers on the site are not applied at all, the yield indicator will not exceed 90 centners. This kind of favorite vegetable tolerates drought well, in middle latitudes it can grow almost without additional watering, and also exhibits a fairly good immunity to various kinds of diseases. In order to have large tubers as a result, experts advise watering such plants shortly before the beginning of the flowering period – about a few weeks.

“Priekulsky early”

The Luck variety requires not only the introduction of many recommended fertilizers, but also careful regular watering. But, if you follow all the rules, you can count on harvesting up to 960 centners per hectare. The average mass of potatoes can be about 180 grams, but sometimes individual specimens are able to grow up to 600. This variety is considered mid-season, the first harvest from it can be expected in about 83 – 96 days. Most often, up to 25 tubers appear in each bush. The starch content in this root crop is up to 14%.

“Early Rose”

Ultra-early ripening, for dining purposes. Tubers are short-oval with a blunt apex, from pink to red. The peel is smooth. The eyes are small and small. The pulp is white, does not darken when cut. In the Central region, the yield is 145-324 c / ha. Potential yield -600 kg / ha.

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Variety “Nevsky”

“Penza Skorospelka”

An early, productive, very reliable variety. The tubers are large, oblong, with light yellow flesh, excellent taste. Productivity 2,5-3,5 kg per bush. In the conditions of the Moscow region, in the first decade of August, it gives 30-35 tubers per bush with a total weight of more than 1 kg, in the second decade it is ready for harvesting. Good resistance to viral diseases. It has very good culinary qualities.


Loosen the soil and remove weeds in time



Planting botanical seed material in the form of tubers-sets allows you to get potatoes that are completely free from various diseases

When planting the “Ballada” varietal potatoes in May or early June, the main harvest will be in August or early September.


Perennial tuberous herbaceous

Unfortunately, in the format of one article it is impossible to fit all the excellent varieties of potatoes that experienced gardeners have been growing on their backyards for many years.

And this is far from a complete list of the best new high-yielding potato varieties that are excellent for growing in central Russia.


Variety “Zhukovsky”

Multipurpose potatoes. Good taste. Starch content 11-17%. The variety is not resistant to potato nematode. It is relatively resistant to late blight and viral diseases. Medium susceptible to common scab.


Medium early, universal, high-yielding. The starch content in tubers is 15-19%, protein is 1,9-2,33%, vitamin C is a lot (25-30 mg%). Tubers taste good, keeping quality is satisfactory.


… The main advantage of the Vesna variety is its resistance to such diseases:

White. The tubers have an elongated oval shape.

It is very important to keep the potato planting clean and carry out regular weeding followed by shallow loosening. If you spud potato plantings correctly and on time, you can improve the yield by almost 30%. In the Non-Black Earth Region, it is most profitable to harvest this potato variety no later than the first decade of August, which allows you to get a high, and most importantly, high-quality harvest.


It is advantageous to propagate a plant with true or botanical seed material, which reduces the cost of preserving planting material.

As a rule, the description of the variety is of interest to gardeners in the first place, because it allows you to assess the prospects of cultivating a plant in a personal plot.



What kind of potato to choose to plant the most successful and fruitful crop in central Russia? Find out from the video.

In addition to the high degree of productivity, another important indicator of the high quality of potatoes for all gardeners without exception is its excellent taste characteristics. The requirements presented today by summer residents to those varieties that are intended for planting and growing in central Russia are as follows – a vegetable should not only not be boiled down completely, but at the same time be soft enough, as well as retain its special taste and show itself well in cooking. any dishes.

The mass of the marketable tuber is 122-167 g. The starch content is 10,8-14,7%. The taste is good. Storage rates 92-96%. Resistance of tubers to mechanical damage 90%. Resistant to cancer and potato nematode.


Early maturing, drought-resistant, late blight-resistant, high-yielding and dormant Russian variety. Round-oval tubers, white peel, small eyes, white pulp, weight 100-200 g, up to 15 pieces per plant.

Early potato harvest

Almost all of the varieties listed below are fully compliant with the requirements for guaranteed yield.


Starch content

After reading the corresponding article on our website, you can learn how to grow purple potatoes on your site.

Planting botanical seed material in the form of tubers-sets allows you to get potatoes that are completely free from various diseases. The tubers obtained in this way for the next year provide a yield of about 250 kg from each acre of land when using 12 kg of potatoes as planting material.

«Zhukovsky early»

Ballada potato bushes are very strong and are characterized by strong vigor and good foliage. The average height of one bush is about 0,8 m. Tubers are uniform in shape, oval, medium-sized or rather large, covered with a smooth, light, whitish rind. The eyes are superficial. Potato tubers have a pale yellow, creamy flesh.

Experts call Picasso potatoes one of the varieties with excellent taste characteristics. It has a very thin peel, which is easy enough to wash and you don’t even need to peel it afterwards. As for the peculiarities of caring for this vegetable crop, it is necessary to treat it well with special pesticides in order to prevent various diseases, as well as fungi, mold, insects, from negatively affecting the growth and development of the plant. Some troubles, as practical experience shows, can be easily eliminated with the help of the well-known copper sulfate. It boils well after a short period of time and allows you to enjoy a delicious taste.

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