Brekel breed of chickens

One of the oldest chickens in the egg direction of productivity is the Brekel breed. They are characterized by high egg production, tasty meat and good health. These birds have good immunity and are resistant to various diseases. Brekels are the most popular in Belgium.

The number of eggs laid per year by one laying hen reaches 220 pieces. Shell color is white. The average egg weight is about 60 grams. The weight of adult roosters of this breed reaches two kilograms of eight hundred grams, and laying hens – two kilograms of seven hundred grams.

Breckels are very peaceful chickens. They are not prone to conflicts with other poultry. They are also very active, they have an inexhaustible supply of energy, which makes it impossible to keep them in cells. These feathered pets need walking and space. However, it is worth paying special attention to the fact that chickens take off high, therefore, to prevent escape, the walking yard should be fenced with a high fence and equipped with a roof.

However, Breckel’s laying hens are very poor hens. They do not have the instinct of motherhood at all. Thus, poultry farmers who wish to breed the offspring of these birds should stock up on an incubator. The hatched chickens get stronger and grow very quickly. They have early plumage, which makes them hardier than the chicks of many other breeds.

Brekel chickens are characterized by a wide back. They have a not very long neck, a medium-sized head, on which a beautiful, small comb is located. The plumage of the bird is long, lush, plentiful. The wings are tightly pressed to the body. The eyes of the hens are dark in color and have a dark edging around. The lobes are blue, small, the earrings are slightly rounded, of medium size. The tail is lush, thick.

Plumage color can be golden and silver. The neck and head of silver chickens are covered with white plumage, and on the rest of the body the feathers are black at the base. In golden feathered pets, the main color is black. And on the body at the base, the feathers are painted in golden brown.

Brekels should be kept in spacious chicken coops and regularly released for walking. In addition to the main feed, the birds must be provided with mineral supplements and shells to make up for the lack of calcium in the body.

Brekel breed of chickens
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