Worms in rabbits and methods of treatment with folk remedies

Rabbits are very playful and cheerful animals, they frolic with pleasure, and healthy rabbits have an excellent appetite and constantly chew something. If everything is normal, then their growth is fast, the coat becomes smooth and attractive. With all this, there are situations when rabbits eat and drink a lot, but they donโ€™t gain weight, but rather lose it, their fur becomes faded, and they themselves are no longer playful, but lethargic and just sit in the far corner. Here, the reasons can be very different, but most often we are talking about helminths that struck the rabbit’s body.

Worms in rabbits and methods of treatment with folk remedies

Worms in rabbits can develop for various reasons, but most often, worms in rabbits develop due to improper care. Rabbits from worms, rabbits from worms can be saved if you use competent treatment. For rabbits, in a rabbit, you need to use only the most proven means, not to allow experiments. Moreover, the means must be used in such a way that the animal does not harm.

How is infection carried out?

Pets such as dogs and cats that roam freely on the street can pick up worms very easily, since it is far from always possible to trace what the pet has eaten. For example, a piece of spoiled sausage is lying on the ground, and there is a whole nest of worms in it, which leads to instant infection of the animal. The same thing can happen with a rabbit, which sometimes walks in the fresh air, and the disease is insidious, during the incubation period, when the worms multiply in the body, they do not yet manifest themselves. Worms in all rabbits treatment implies the most different.

There are several types of worms that affect the rabbit body, but the most common are tapeworms, flukes and roundworms. And also extremely common and extremely dangerous is the rabbit pinworm, which lays its eggs in the anus. After a certain time, the larvae of the worms can be found in the feces of animals.

It should be noted that even if the rabbit lives exclusively at home and does not go out, it can easily become infected from other pets. Once again, it should be said about the insidiousness of this disease, which lies in the fact that obvious symptoms appear even when the worms have completely occupied the body of the animal.

Such parasites feed on the remnants of the intestine, they have an extremely negative effect on the mucous membrane, and can also cause intoxication of the body. In the body there is always a place for small wounds, and harmful bacteria rush there, which cause inflammation. And here everything is already very dangerous for eared ears, if treatment is not started on time, then deaths are very frequent.

Worms in rabbits and methods of treatment with folk remedies

About symptoms

If the animal is infected with worms, then the symptoms may be as follows:

  • the animal is constantly thirsty, but cannot get drunk in any way, while he goes to the toilet very often, these are the symptoms;
  • feces acquire a greenish tint, in general, problems begin with digestion, then constipation then diarrhea, attention should be paid to the heterogeneous consistency of the litter;
  • as for appetite – here the symptoms are different, all from one extreme to another, that is, the animal can eat a lot, or it can practically stop eating altogether;
  • you should pay attention to symptoms such as wool, it becomes dull, shreds may climb, it looks unattractive;
  • eyes begin to grow cloudy;
  • the rabbit shows exceptional lethargy, constantly wants to lie down, practically does not move;
  • his anus constantly itches, causing him to fidget with his backside on the floor.

If you constantly monitor the behavior of animals, then it is not difficult to notice such signs, but they are not enough to make an accurate diagnosis, so treatment should not be started immediately. If treatment is still necessary, after it, mandatory preventive measures are needed. The signs of the disease can be different, but if you solder the animals, then you need to use such drugs that are extremely useful, you need to give them enough so that the animals completely get rid of the helminths.

About diagnostics

If helminths multiply rapidly, they can be easily detected in the feces of animals. Well, you need to do a special examination. However, there are nuances, which lie in the fact that feces do not always contain larvae and eggs of worms, so smears must be taken several times, within three days.

If you need more accurate data, then it is recommended to do a blood test. When an animal is infected, the blood composition changes significantly, as the analysis will tell. A lot of antibodies accumulate in the blood that fight parasites. It must be said right away that the meat of such animals is unsuitable for food.

If the treatment is correct, and then there are preventive actions, then it is possible to make the rabbits recover. So you can effectively get rid of worms in rabbits, the main thing is to choose the right anthelmintic, then you can anthelmintic with confidence.

About treatment

If you treat the disease with medications, then the most common here are such drugs that are injected under the skin through a syringe. I must say that a syringe is also used as a preventive measure, but less often. When choosing any medications, it is imperative to consult a veterinarian, and in no case should an overdose be allowed, the consequences can be the most negative. So, before deciding how to treat, you must first consult with a specialist. It is very effective to drink eared ears with medicines, but here you need a mandatory consultation with a specialist, since a competently dewormed animal can already effectively fight parasites.

Worms in rabbits and methods of treatment with folk remedies

About folk methods of treatment

It is possible to treat worms in eared pets not only with traditional medicines, but also with the help of traditional medicine methods. Moreover, unlike medicines, which are sometimes expensive, such funds are completely free. For example, tansy and wormwood have an excellent effect on the body of rabbits. If we are talking about winter time, then the needles, which the animals love to gnaw, are an excellent tool. Such plants should be included in the diet of animals periodically, as a prophylactic.

Treatment with wormwood is very effective, if a rabbit eats wormwood, then his appetite improves significantly. I must say that this herb perfectly helps not only rabbits, but also people. It will be good if wormwood is added to hay, in a ratio of 30 percent wormwood and 70 percent hay.

In the summer, it is recommended to give rabbits tansy, which is not only a very useful, but also a beautiful plant. If you have dewormed the animals in this way, then you need to understand that it is not so easy to deworm animals using folk remedies, the worm is very tenacious. However, when the signs of the disease make themselves felt, it is necessary to give those remedies that will save the rabbit.

Worms in rabbits and methods of treatment with folk remedies

Prevention after treatment

Prevention is very important, this should be remembered. If the animal is ill, it must be immediately isolated from others, as well as from people, since contact with an infected eared is very dangerous, and care for a sick animal should be done with gloves. As for feces, they should be disposed of as soon as possible, and those places where the animal went to the toilet should be disinfected as soon as possible. And caring for sick animals should only be done with gloves, so prevention also requires a serious approach.

As for feces, they should be disposed of as soon as possible, and those places where the fluffy goes to the toilet should be cleaned as soon as possible. Also, it should absolutely not be allowed to have wet hay in the cage, since this is how the worm larvae feel as freely as possible. So deworm your pets effectively and you’ll be fine.

Worms in rabbits and methods of treatment with folk remedies
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