Treatment of diarrhea in rabbits at home

Many breeders believe that if a rabbit has diarrhea, then this is normal, as they can eat low-quality food. But this is an erroneous opinion. Experts say that if a rabbit has diarrhea, then this is evidence that he has other complex ailments. How to treat diarrhea in a rabbit will be discussed in this article.

Treatment of diarrhea in rabbits at home

Cause of the disease

Causes and treatment may vary. The main reasons include poor-quality food that the animal consumed. Also, the appearance of diarrhea can be influenced by microorganisms that live in cells.

Main reasons:

  1. Worms in a rabbit.
  2. Moldy food.
  3. Coccidiosis.
  4. Violation of sanitation standards.
  5. Harmful plants.
  6. Viruses or bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Important! When the first signs of diarrhea appear, you should immediately call a veterinarian. Rabbit is diagnosed in the laboratory.

Loose stools in young

At home, in a rabbit family, diarrhea may occur more often in young animals. This usually happens because babies are weaned early and their gastrointestinal tract is poorly adapted to food for adults. Also, a sharp change in the diet of rabbits can contribute to diarrhea. Usually loose stools occur in individuals under the age of two months.

If coccidiosis became the reason that the rabbit is vilifying, then antibiotics should be given to the rabbit. This must be done on time to prevent dehydration.

Loose stools in adults

Diarrhea in rabbits can occur due to a change in diet, as well as when a large amount of protein or starch is ingested. If the rabbits eat cookies or flour, then there is also a risk of diarrhea in them.

Among other points, dental diseases in adults or stress are noted. This may be accompanied by increased urine output.

Treatment of diarrhea in rabbits

Many people ask: what to do if rabbits have diarrhea? How to treat him? If the animal has diarrhea, then initially the owner must correctly diagnose the rabbit. You also need to remove the cage. It is necessary to remove feces and food debris from it. In the house you need to leave a drink and some fresh hay.

It is also necessary to wash the anus of the rabbit so that he does not lick it, as this will contribute to additional infection.

Important! The cage should be disinfected. Put napkins on the floor after the procedure.

Treatment of diarrhea in rabbits at home


If the rabbit is vilifying, he should be given antibiotics. What to give a rabbit for diarrhea? You can give him activated charcoal. Tablets should be given after dissolving them in water. You should also give the animal an infusion of chamomile to drink.

If the form of the disease is severe, then medicines must also be given. Baytril will help prevent the worsening of symptoms. It must be injected with a syringe into the withers of the animal. The giver must remember that the dosage is important here. An adult rabbit will need 0.2 milligrams of the substance. It must be diluted in saline. Give the drug 3 times a day.

When the animal is on the mend, then you should not relax, because after the disease the body of the rabbit will be weakened, and therefore the infection can get into it again. Prevention involves the use of Baykoks from gilmenites.

The drug should be diluted in boiled water and given to the rabbit to drink this solution. On the day he should drink about 100 grams of fluid. The solution must be constantly changed so that there is no dirt.

Folk methods

You can treat diarrhea in rabbits with the help of folk methods. Here you can brew cinquefoil. After the mixture has cooled, it is injected into the rabbit’s mouth with a syringe. At a time, you need to give 10 milligrams of liquid. The course of treatment averages 10-14 days.

Important! With bloating or diarrhea, you can give rabbits an infusion of chamomile.


If the rabbit has diarrhea, then initially it is necessary to clean it in its house and disinfect it there, and then transfer the pet to diet food. At this time, you need to give the animal only boiled water and fresh hay. You can add a little drug against gilmenites to the liquid. As a supplement to the diet, you can give vitamin complexes and oats.


Why rabbits can have diarrhea, we already know. But what to do to protect yourself from diarrhea? The recovery period from the disease, the diet during it and the methods of prevention are very important for the animal. Therefore, all these activities should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Treatment of the disease is important to carry out at the initial stage.

The animal should be given a new food in small portions and carefully choose it before that. It is also important to pay attention to the hygiene of the aviary. The diet should contain fresh fruits or vegetables every day.

Treatment of diarrhea in rabbits at home


What should a rabbit not do and how to protect him from diarrhea? Doctors say that, despite the fact that diarrhea in rabbits is not considered a dangerous ailment that can cause death, nevertheless, the owner of the animals must observe and adhere to several rules when caring for animals.

When the first signs of diarrhea appear, you should immediately contact the doctor and do not try to cope with the disease on your own. Only a specialist can correctly diagnose and prescribe therapy.

Given these points, now everyone will be able to identify the disease in their pets in time, and will also know what to do next.

Treatment of diarrhea in rabbits at home
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