Storage rules for cabbage and beets

Storage rules for cabbage and beets

Storage rules for cabbage and beets

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All plants Storage rules for cabbage and beets

Vegetables collected according to all the rules must be sorted and stored, creating the most favorable conditions in accordance with their characteristics.

Heads of late-ripening cabbage should be inspected for rot and damage before storage. Varieties with different ripening periods are laid separately. To prevent damage to vegetables by infectious diseases, you need to keep the air temperature in the storage within 1-2 оC, and the humidity is 90-95%. When rotten heads of cabbage are found, they are removed from the total mass, cleaned and eaten.

Beets are dried before laying and sorted according to the degree of mechanical damage. For a layer of root crops, dry sand or earth is used. If the beets rotted during storage, they are immediately removed and cut off, and the resulting glades are covered with sand and lime

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