Soufflé benefits and harms

Soufflé was originally a dessert. So, the following soufflé preparation technology was popular – egg yolks were mixed with chocolate or lemon, after which the whipped egg whites were added to this composition. No less popular is the method of making soufflé from cottage cheese or sour cream, which allows you to get a denser and more nutritious filling.

And soufflés made from meat or mushrooms cannot be considered desserts at all. They use special hot sauces, and they are sometimes considered one of the most sophisticated second courses.

Of course, the properties and influence of each species on the body is unique and depends on the ingredients of the composition. But they all have common qualities, and they can be easily glanced around.


Any soufflé is a protein product. Moreover, any composition of the soufflé contains egg whites. This is a key ingredient. Egg white is one of the most easily digestible for the human body. It contains all the amino acids we need, including a complete set of essential ones.

If the soufflé contains egg yolks, then it will also be a rich source of fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol. Fats and carbohydrates are important energy components of food, and cholesterol is a precursor of many sex hormones and an essential component of cell walls in all tissues of the body.

If the soufflé is prepared as a dessert, its composition contains many sugars, which are also sources of energy, and in addition, they improve mood. Meat or mushroom soufflé rewards the eater with additional proteins and amino acids. But we have heard about all these components that make up the soufflé, and a lot of not good things at all.

Harm to souffle

For example, the overwhelming majority of readers do not perceive the same cholesterol as a substance with positive properties at all. It is most often associated with the risk of developing atherosclerosis. And it is true. People rarely lack cholesterol, while too much cholesterol often leads to deadly diseases.

Soufflé benefits and harms
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