Solikoks for rabbits: instructions for use

Solikoks – a suitable and safe medicine for diseases of rabbits
When raising rabbits, it is required to be regularly on the alert and take preventive measures from time to time, preventing the outbreak of any infection, dangerous by the rapid spread and numerous damage to the livestock.



There are tools that help, without harming the well-being of bunnies, treat the entire livestock, without giving the disease a single chance. Solicox is one of these drugs.


Why rabbit solicox is needed.

Rabbits, as well as other living creatures, are infected with parasites – coccidia, which inhabit the digestive canal and liver. In the event that immediate measures are not taken, in this case, all rabbits without exception will become infected very quickly. The very presence of these parasites in the body does not in any way make animals lethally ill, but the weakest individuals are amenable to complete colonization by parasites, drink a lot of water, lose their appetite and weaken.
With the first symptoms of infection with coccidosis, it is necessary to immediately use the medication Solikoks, and for the entire livestock, otherwise the livestock may disappear within a month. Young animals up to 1-3 months are especially susceptible to the influence of coccidia. The rabbits are the first to become infected, they vilify, do not eat, wallow with swollen bellies.

Composition and form release, action

The main functioning element of the substance solicox is diclazuril (benzeneacetonitrile category), the newest active substance, which is the least poisonous, it is impossible to poison animals with it, however, all varieties of coccidia will be eliminated without exception.
Solikoks is produced in the form of a dense, viscous solution taken orally.
The instruction according to the use of solicox for rabbits states that pharmacologically, the medication functions delicately, does not generate mutations and is not considered carcinogenic. It is possible to give it to rabbits together with other pharmaceutical medicines both for the destruction of coccidosis, and for the purpose of curing or preventing other diseases – this medicine is also combined with antibiotics. Solikoks is suitable for both babies and older individuals, protecting them from being affected by coccids.

Treatment, dose, methods use

This medication is suitable for use even at high temperatures and high humidity levels. If the hunger disappeared in the bunnies, but an abnormal thirst arose, it is necessary to treat all the livestock without exception with solicox and this therapy can be carried out throughout the entire period of the life of the rabbits, with an interval of a month.
The need for the drug is calculated in this way: 1 milliliters per day is needed per 0,4 kilogram of live weight, the duration of administration is 2 days. For rabbits, it is permissible to use non-liquefied solicox, but it is possible to combine it with water: add 1 liters of water to 10 liter of the substance, while this drink should be easily accessible to rabbits for at least 12 hours a day.

Special prescriptions, storage

There were no contraindications regarding the use of Solikoks, it is possible in rare cases to fear personal intolerance.
It is more correct for pregnant rabbits to give a medication immediately before the birth, for 5 days, in which case protection from coccidia will be transmitted to the babies for a while.
Solikoks is stored for 2 years in a dark place, subject to a temperature in the range from +5 to +25 degrees in a covered room. The package must be closed.
The cost of solicox makes it the most preferred coccidiostatic drug. A vessel made of plastic with a size of 1 liter is sold at a price of 475 to 580 UAH. a piece.

Although it is allowed to eat the meat of rabbits who have had coccidosis (not counting the liver), it is still better to use prevention and timely therapy with solicox.
Solikoks is a dense, viscous mass, with an active substance that is effective, and at the same time slightly toxic. This medication is also comfortable to use, it is possible to give it in doses to any animal, and it is acceptable in a version diluted with water.
If a mistake is made and it is necessary to combine Solikox therapy with other drugs, then this is quite acceptable. A safe, convenient and slightly toxic medicine, Solikoks, can help the rabbit breeder prevent the mass incidence of coccidosis.

Solikoks for rabbits: instructions for use
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