Reviews of summer residents, description and care of the variety

Reviews of summer residents, description and care of the variety

Differs in high fertility and long shelf life. This is a late-ripening variety, and after ripening it receives a minimum amount of waste. Let’s find out about Etma F1 cabbage in more detail.

Etma characteristic

European white hybrid of late maturity has a strong leaf structure, making the fruit huge. The growing season is short, up to 120 days. Already on the 100th day, the fetus is 2,5 kg.

One of the rules of excellent formation is considered to be high-quality fertile land, it is better that it be light loamy and loamy. The ground should absorb moisture well, as well as ventilate. The density of planting in the ground is 35 thousand seeds per hectare.


The head of cabbage is light green in color. Weight ranges from 3 to 4 kg. Smooth round shape and strong deciduous structure allows cleaning the fruits using pneumatic cleaning. Cabbage fruits are composed of vitamins C, K, minerals.

Description of cabbage Etma F1:

  1. Possibility of long-term storage from 7 to 12 months. Resistance to pathologies. The weight of a head of cabbage is from 3 to 4 kg.
  2. Using cabbage
  3. The use of cabbage can vary. High gastronomic properties allow using it in cooking: for sourdough, salting, stewing. Fresh fruit is healthier than ready-made. The huge composition of coarse fiber allows you to cleanse the intestines well. Can be used in vegetable salads.


The cultivation of Etma f1 cabbage is carried out by the seedling method, and this requires appropriate knowledge and conditions.


This variety needs high-quality lighting both during the formation of seedlings and after sowing to a permanent place. Excess sunlight also affects the fetus negatively. In order for the light to be uniform and in moderation, you need to use low density agrofiber.


After the cabbage seeds have appeared, the temperature should be + 6-8 degrees, which will allow them to germinate additionally, and they will stretch to the required size. Then you need to raise the temperature, in the daytime to +16 degrees, at night to +12 degrees. Before sowing seedlings, hardening must be carried out. To do this, they are taken outside for a couple of hours.


First, the seeds are poured into well-watered soil. Subsequent irrigation of seedlings should only be done when absolutely necessary, when the top of the earth looks dry. In order not to overdo it with watering, everything must be done in moderation. The grown cabbage needs more moisture to form the mass.

It is necessary to irrigate regularly and a lot with warm water. The main irrigation should be done in the evening when the heat is gone. If you irrigate at lunchtime, when the sun is especially active, the moisture will disappear faster. The root of the inflorescence will dry out, and the cabbage can deteriorate in a matter of days.


The yield characteristics of cabbage will be better if the soil is fed at the time of head formation. During the season, you need to make 5 feeds of the earth with nutrients. For this, wet composts, potassium chloride, nitrophoska are used.

You can also use organics, in particular, mullein infusion, wood ash and fermented weeds.

Cabbage Etma f1

Insects and pathologies

Diseases that can be dangerous for the vegetable:

  1. Keela. To fight it, you need to dilute the formalin, and burn the affected leaves.
  2. White rot. To prevent this disease, you need to add top dressing. Compliance with the rules of crop rotation will prevent pathology.
  3. Blackleg. The remedy Fitosporin is used, which instantly kills the fungus that provokes the disease.
  4. Gray rot. This problem appears during warehousing. The room should be well ventilated, and the walls should be covered with bleach.

Among insects, you need to be afraid:

  1. Whitefish, cabbage fly, scoop. The earth is covered with a mixture of naphthalene and sand as a preventive measure. If insects do appear, then you need to treat it with a dusty solution.
  2. Cruciferous flea. It can be eliminated with ground pepper or tobacco ash.
  3. Aphid. To eliminate it, special preparations or tobacco dust infusion are used.

Reviews about cabbage Etma F1

On the Internet, you will find many positive reviews of summer residents about this variety. Someone is happy with the cultivation and every year grows this variety on their site, but for someone it does not suit.

Cabbage Etma f1

Reviews about Etma cabbage:

My wife and I grow Etma every year. The fruits are large, juicy and crunchy. Care for the variety is minimal, it is important to observe crop rotation and moderate watering. The wife loves to ferment this variety, the cabbage turns out to be very tasty.

Anton Makarovich, 69 years old

Last year, we bought seeds of the Etma F1 variety. Tried by the seedling method, all the seeds did not sprout. We bought another bag, like some seeds sprouted, planted in the ground. But the fruits did not come up. In general, we did not manage to grow cabbage. Although other varieties have gone well. We are happy to grow other varieties. I don’t know why Etma didn’t take root here.

Leonid Vasilievich, 58 years old

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