Harka breed of chickens

A very productive breed of chickens is Kharka. These birds are characterized not only by high egg production, but also by rapid precocity and tasty meat. This breed was selected by Hungarian scientists.

For a year, one laying hen Kharka is able to lay up to 230 eggs. The shell color is light brown. The average weight of one egg is about 60 grams. Sexual maturity in chickens occurs at five months. Adults reach a weight of two and a half kilograms.

Harka chickens are perfect for growing, both in the backyard, and on farms and poultry farms. They are distinguished by good productivity in the meat and egg direction. Feathered pets quickly and easily adapt to any conditions of detention, even in frost they are able to rush, as in any other period of time. Laying hens become good, caring mothers, they are adapted to incubation and sit on the masonry on their own. Chickens of this breed grow quickly and also quickly fledge, which indicates the high safety of the young.

The physique of Harka’s chickens is strong, slightly wide. The neck is not very long. A beautiful upright comb is located on the head of medium size; in roosters it is much larger than in laying hens. The plumage of the bird is abundant, lush. However, it is absent on the face. The eyes of feathered pets are red or orange-red. The lobes are gray (in hens they are darker than in roosters), and the elongated earrings are scarlet. The beak is colored dark or light gray, it has an average length, rather strong, slightly rounded.

The tail of the bird is small, but lush, thick, erect. A rooster has beautiful, long braids in its tail. The wings are close to the body. Legs are strong and powerful. The lower legs are almost completely hidden behind the plumage.

Harka chickens have a calm temperament. They do not conflict with other birds in the compound. It is quite possible to grow them in cages – in a limited space, as well as in open-air poultry houses. In the diet of feathered pets, there can be both ordinary homemade mixers and special protein feeds that contribute to a higher egg production of laying hens. In order to increase the productivity of chickens at home, they need to add boiled eggs to the feeders. Chickens are recommended to give low-fat cottage cheese. This will speed up their growth.

Harka breed of chickens
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