East Frisian gull chickens

One of the oldest chickens in Germany is the East Frisian Gull. These birds have been popular with German farmers for many years. Their main advantages are high meat and egg productivity.

The number of eggs laid per year by one laying hen reaches 180 pieces. Shell color is white. The average weight of one egg is 50 grams. Adult chickens of this breed reach a live weight of up to two and a half kilograms, and roosters gain up to three kilograms.

East Frisian gulls attract the attention of poultry farmers with their calm, balanced temperament and beautiful, unusual, bright plumage. Also, the laying hens of this breed have a well-developed maternal instinct. The bird hatches chickens with pleasure and becomes a caring mother, carefully and reverently watching her chicks. These feathered pets are adapted to being kept in harsh conditions. They easily tolerate cold and frost, as well as large temperature fluctuations due to their abundant, dense plumage.

The bird of the East Frisian gull breed is distinguished by its large, massive physique. She has a wide back, shoulders, chest, lower back. The neck is of medium length, well feathered. On a small head there is a beautiful, upright and rather large comb for roosters and a small one for hens. Eye color in feathered pets is red-orange. The lobes are white, the earrings are round, not very large. The beak has a light yellow tint, it is short, but very strong. The plumage of chickens is magnificent. The tail is thick, high, erect. The legs are strong and powerful. The shins are almost invisible due to the abundant plumage.

East Frisian gulls prefer free range keeping. They are very active and need space. However, it should be borne in mind that these birds are good flyers, so it is advisable to release them into a territory fenced with a high fence. You can also equip the walking yard with a roof.

Feeding for poultry should be special, consisting of wheat, barley, corn, herbs and mineral supplements. In winter, during the cold period of time, vitamin feeds should also be added to the feeders, which will help replenish all the trace elements missing from the body. Feed for roosters should be served separately, since in addition to the main products, shells and chalk are also given to laying hens to increase egg production.

Particular attention should be paid to raising chickens, as they react sharply and painfully to high humidity. It is necessary to regularly check whether the bedding is dry and not damp in the room. This will prevent the appearance of various diseases in the chicks.

East Frisian gull chickens
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