Dwarf cochinchins

Dwarf cochinchins were bred in China specifically for the imperial palace. In the middle of the 19th century, a pair of such birds was presented as a gift to the Queen of England. After 24 years, twelve more individuals were transported to England, thanks to which the breed spread throughout Europe.

The egg production of dwarf cochinchins reaches only 80 eggs per year. They are half the size of the eggs laid by conventional chicken breeds. Their weight is about 30 grams. The shell can be of different shades, but yellow and light brown are the most common. Adult laying hens gain up to 750 grams of weight, and roosters – 850 grams.

Nobody bred the breed of dwarf cochinchins, did not cross different birds to obtain these small birds. They originally were. The main advantage of keeping these chickens is the construction of small ranges and premises.

The main distinguishing feature of this breed is the round shape of the birds. And thanks to the soft, plentiful, lush plumage, they look very massive, large. Dwarf Cochinchins are low, stocky chickens with a wide, deep and short body, set horizontally and slightly inclined forward. The wide, although short, but very magnificent and beautiful tail of these birds is impressive. No less magnificent plumage of the lower back in dwarf cochinchins. The head of the birds corresponds to the physique. She is so small and dainty. The crest is leaf-shaped, in some way even miniature. But the chest of chickens is wide and full. The color of the face, earlobes, earrings and even the eyes of birds of this breed is red. Some individuals with black plumage may have brown eyes.

But the most interesting and beautiful thing about dwarf cochinchins is their “cuffs” on their legs. The cuffs are lush feathering on the metatarsus, which completely covers the legs, giving the impression of shoes. It looks like the bird is shod.

Due to the low fit of the figure and looser plumage than that of the rooster, one gets the impression that the hens are somewhat more massive and larger. They are good, calm and reliable hens.

The plumage of dwarf cochinchins can be of various shades: white, black, birch, striped, brown with a border of feathers in the form of horseshoes and many others.

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