Dutch breed Welzumer

Among the numerous breeds of chickens currently common in households, the Welzumers, birds of Dutch origin, are very popular. They were bred at the beginning of the 20th century in Velzum, from where, in fact, the name of the breed came from.

Laying hens Welzumera lay about 140-160 eggs per year. Their weight is 65 grams or more. The eggs are usually dark red-brown in color with small spots. The weight of chickens reaches two to two and a half kilograms, roosters grow to three to three and a half kilograms.

Welzumers have a very calm character. They do not cause trouble to neighbors and do not seek to get into someone else’s plot, into someone else’s garden. They are not even capable of flying over the fence. Such birds feel great in a limited area. But at the same time, this breed is characterized by activity. Welsumer chickens are diligently looking for food for themselves, so walking very quickly remains without vegetation. They are not adapted to incubation, but some individuals are still ready to incubate their offspring.

Chickens of this breed have an average body size. They have broad backs, loins, chests and belly. The back is also quite long, the loin is well feathered, the belly and chest are full and deep. Earrings, lobes and face of the Welzumers are painted red, and the eyes are orange-red. They have a comb with five or six teeth of medium size, not hanging to the side. The beak is either horn or yellow. It’s not very long. The tail is of medium length, not wide, the pigtails of the rooster are not long.

The plumage color of the Welsumers is one – partridge. It is especially well distinguished in roosters. At the base, the feather has a blue color, closer to the middle it becomes brown, and the tips of the feathers are black. The feathers on the lower legs are also colored.

Dutch breed Welzumer

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