Description of the variety, characteristics and care

Description of the variety, characteristics and care

Cabbage Golden Hectar has a short growing season – 106 days. The seeds are planted in a stamp. The formation time of full-fledged seedlings is 40 days. Harvesting times are between July and August. Fertility from 1 m2 is 7 kg, from 1 hectare you can get up to 900c.

If you follow all the rules of cultivation, then the fertility will be 96%. The variety is not afraid of long-term transportation, it is resistant to deformation, pathologies and pests. Storage time – up to 30 days. It must be applied raw.


Description cabbage has the following: leaves are round, large below, green with a gray sheen, small, light green above. The outer stump is short, strong, and equipped with leaves. Heads of cabbage are small and medium in size. This variety tastes good and contains a lot of nutrients.

Head structure:

  • the shape is even, round, light green;
  • the outer part is smooth;
  • average weight up to 2 kg;
  • high density;
  • the inner stalk is short.

Cultivation and care

The cultivation of the variety is carried out by the sowing method. First, the seedlings are cultivated, after which they are transferred to an open area. The technique of cultivating this culture is simple, it is important to follow some rules.

Selection of quality seeds

In early March, seeds are planted for seedlings. The mixture of soil for cultivating seedlings should be from manure and sod land. To provide the soil with auxiliary microelements, ash is added to this mixture.

It is important to select high-quality seeds, for this they need to be filled with salt solution. Those seeds that float are thrown away. The rest must be rinsed and dried. Planting seed should be medium to large.

Cabbage Golden Hectare

Performing the shaping

If the seeds have not been processed (this is written on the package), then processing is performed: they need to be immersed in hot water for 20 minutes, then in cold water for 5 minutes. There is another option: the seeds must be kept for an hour in a mixture of garlic.

After that, they are washed and dried thoroughly. These actions allow you to disinfect the material and increase resistance to fungal pathologies.


Seeds must be planted in containers, the surface of the soil is covered with a film. The first shoots are already visible on the 4th day. Seed containers should be in a place that is well lit. Irrigation is performed moderately as the soil dries out.


14 days after the formation of sprouts, they are transferred from the container to separate containers or other boxes according to the 5 by 5 cm scheme. During the pick, one third of the main root is cut off. This helps the roots to form branches better, the root system builds up mass.

Cabbage Golden Hectare


In order for the seedlings to grow strong and form quickly, you need to observe the temperature regime. Before the formation of the first shoots, the temperature in the room should be +19 degrees. After they are formed, the temperature should be +17 degrees during the day, and +10 degrees at night.

The sprouts need to be hardened 14 days before transplanting into open areas. At the first stage of hardening, the plants must be gradually accustomed to cool air, for this several hours a day are suitable. At the next stage, the sprouts must be taken out into the street.

It is necessary to check that the direct rays of the sun do not penetrate the inflorescences, for this they create a shadow. For the last couple of days, the seedlings remain outside. After the appearance of 5 leaves, the seedlings are dug into an open area.


During the formation of seedlings, it is necessary to carry out three-time feeding of vegetable crops: the first – 7 days after the pick, the second – after 14 days, the third – a couple of days before planting in an open area. Seedlings are watered with a solution of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.


Cabbage is a plant that loves moisture. Water consumption depends on the type of soil and air temperature, on average, young shoots need 4 liters of water, and adults – 15 liters. At the initial stage of the growing season, watering is carried out every three days, later – once every 7 days. You also need to loosen the soil, huddle seedlings.


When mulching the soil, the number of weeds decreases, the number of irrigations also needs to be done less, water is spent sparingly. No need to loosen. Mulching allows you to increase the fertility of the soil – the yield increases. Temporary and labor plants are shrinking.

Reviews of summer residents

Cabbage Golden Hectar is in demand, and reviews of summer residents of Russia about this variety are positive. The variety attracts summer residents with the opportunity to get an early harvest. Ripe heads of cabbage turn out to be powerful, white in the cut and perfectly stored until January. They are not very large, which simplifies their application and preservation of the crop.

Cabbage Golden Hectare

Cabbage easily tolerates minimal night frosts in spring. If you follow agricultural techniques, the vegetable crop is almost not affected by pathologies and insects, which reduces the need for the use of strong chemicals, and also allows you to get early production.

The golden hectare is an early variety of white cabbage. It has high gastronomic properties, attractive appearance and high immunity to pathologies. Taking good care of your vegetables often helps you get a healthy and healthy harvest.

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