Decorative breed of chickens Gudan

Poultry farmers, lovers of bright, unusual, beautiful breeds of chickens will not be able to resist the temptation to purchase Gudan chickens for growing in their household, in their yard. This is a bird that belongs to the number of decorative breeds, but at the same time, it is distinguished by good, rather high productivity rates and fast growth.

France is the birthplace of chicken Goudan. It was bred in the middle of the 19th century in the prefecture under the same name that the chicken breed itself received – Gudan. To create these feathered pets, breeders crossed different breeds: Bresse, Brabant, Gournay, Caux, Crevekers and others. Almost immediately after breeding, the bird became known outside of France. She was popular with the Germans and Danes.

Gudan – chickens that have one distinctive feature – a beautiful, fluffy crest on the head, in which a scallop in the form of a moth is hidden.

The egg production of this breed of chickens is not very high, it is about 160 eggs in the first year, and in the second year it drops to 130 eggs. An egg weighs about 53 grams on average. Shell color is white. Adults are able to gain up to two and a half kilograms of live weight, and roosters reach a weight of three kilograms. There are also dwarf chickens Gudan, their weight is nine hundred grams – laying hens and a little more than one kilogram – males.

Gudan decorative chickens are mainly popular with poultry farmers because of their appearance. After all, such birds will become a real decoration of the yard. Many are also attracted by their juicy, tender, very tasty meat, and even not too high egg production rates do not prevent poultry farmers from choosing this breed. Feathered pets have good muscles, they are strong, squat, very cute.

Gudan is a breed of chickens with a lively temperament, active, mobile, energetic. She has a calm personality. The bird does not like to enter into conflicts with other individuals, is friendly to its owner and other household members, and is trusting. In laying hens, the maternal instinct is not very well developed, so it will be more convenient to get offspring with the help of an incubator, and not in a natural way – under a hen.

The breed of chickens Gudan needs care and some features of the content. First of all, it should be noted that it does not tolerate harsh winters and severe frosts. Therefore, in regions with similar climatic conditions, the poultry farmer needs to take care of the insulation of the chicken coop. On the floor in the room where the livestock is kept, it is necessary to lay a litter. It should be dense and regularly changed to a new, clean one, otherwise the plumage of feathered pets will lose its beauty and the bird will no longer be able to decorate the yard of its owner with its appearance.

In the warm season, the bird needs space, fresh air and walking. This will also have a positive effect on the plumage of Gudan chickens and allow them to independently search for pasture for themselves, which contains a large number of various useful substances. This bird is completely unpretentious in food, but in winter its diet should include additional nutrients, vitamin and mineral supplements.

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