Chickens: Prevention and control of pasteurellosis

No owner of laying hens is immune from infection of birds with pasteurellosis. However, prevention plays an important role in preventing this disease. The first step is to create the appropriate conditions for keeping and raising young animals. The chicken coops in which the bird is located should be spacious, with good ventilation and no less good lighting. Drinking bowls and feeders should be installed and fixed in such a way as to prevent droppings from falling into them.

The house is cleaned daily. Dirt is taken out of the room. A disinfection is advisable to carry out weekly. Feeders and drinkers are also subject to disinfection, after which it is also important to rinse them thoroughly with water and dry. The inventory used by the owner of the chickens must be treated with solutions, washed and cleaned every day.

Twice a year, it will not be superfluous to treat the premises in the form of whitewashing the walls. It can be carried out with various solutions and means: hot ash liquor, freshly slaked lime 20%, bleach, one percent hot solution of caustic soda and other chemicals.

If the chickens are kept in cages, the floor under them should be cleaned every day, the places under the drinkers and feeders should be treated, and the inventory should be disinfected once a week in hot water or a one percent solution of hot caustic soda. The treatment of cells can be carried out with ordinary hot water or hot ash liquor.

When relocating birds, their habitat should also be thoroughly washed, cleaned, treated with solutions. And the infected individuals should be immediately excluded from the general population in order to prevent infection of the rest of the hens.

Without all of the above measures, it will be extremely difficult to protect birds from pasteurellosis. Even, at first glance, a trifle in the form of a chicken coop that has not been cleaned once, an uncleaned feeder, or droppings into it, can lead to infection of chickens with cholera.

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