Chickens: Lameness in chickens

When breeding chickens in their own backyard, poultry farmers often face various problems and diseases in feathered pets. One of the causes of isolated cases or mass death of a bird may be lameness in chickens. The disease begins to manifest itself, as a rule, with a small and at first glance completely non-serious limping. However, in the future it turns out that everything is much more dangerous. Indeed, after a while, the chicks begin to wither, weaken, and it is not easy to restore their weakened immunity.

The main reason why broiler chickens and egg chicks are lame is violations of elementary conditions and the simplest rules for raising feathered pets.

First of all, you need to take care of feeding the chickens. It should be nutritious and balanced. You can not feed the bird the same food all the time. For her, as for any other animals, diversity in the diet is important.

Secondly, if the chickens are lame, perhaps it’s all about the lighting of the room and the temperature in the hen house. Darkness has a negative effect on the chicks. Therefore, in the first few days of life, the light in the house should be on around the clock. Quite often, the cause of the death of a bird is freezing. In no case should this be forgotten.

Third, lameness in chickens can be caused by a lack of vitamins or minerals. Thus, nutritional supplements and vitamin complexes must be added to the main feed for small feathered pets.

Also, the reason that the chickens are lame can be an infectious disease that the chick picked up.

Of course, it is necessary to first accurately determine the cause that caused lameness, and only then proceed directly to treatment. Otherwise, it will be meaningless and useless.

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