Chickens: Chicken Flea Control

To combat chicken fleas, their destruction and excretion, various preparations are used that are used for the same purposes in cats and dogs. They remove parasites not only in chicken coops and laying hens, but also on other birds, such as parrots and canaries.

The best means are specialized drops. However, when using them, it is very important that the drug, even in minimal doses, does not enter the digestive system of the chicken, so as not to cause any side effects and ailments in the bird. The most relevant and common means of fighting a chicken flea: Leopard, Frontline, Stronghold, Advantage, Dana. The latter are the most optimal in combinations of quality/price/safety.

Treatment of poultry houses can be carried out with any insecticidal substances used to kill bedbugs, cockroaches and fleas. The most popular and common of them: Karbofos, Tetrix, Get, Cucaracha and Tsifox. They are presented in the form of microencapsulated products and concentrates. Also, many buyers opt for drugs in cans: Reid, Raptor and Kombat. However, they are not as effective as those listed above and not nearly as economical.

All of the above remedies are more suitable for flea control in small chicken coops with a small population, usually up to twenty chickens. Larger nurseries are treated with special solutions, substances and products:

  • butox. It is suitable for treating chicken coops and spraying the birds themselves. The drug is presented in the form of ampoules, soluble in water;
  • powder Deltamethrin. It has the form of a powder and is used both for applying to the plumage of chickens and rubbing into their skin, and for treating poultry houses.

When spraying the premises, the bird should be removed from there (taken out) to another place for at least a few hours, and preferably a day. Immediately after processing, it is necessary to leave everything as it is, so that all the larvae are pickled. And just before the “settlement” of the hens back, the chicken coop should be cleaned, the litter changed in it, ventilated and wet cleaned.

It is also worth noting that each chicken must be treated separately, and not spray the entire population with a spray bottle. When applying Butox and Deltamethrin powder to the walls of the poultry house, the person must be dressed in rubber gloves and a respirator.

It is important to properly remove fleas from chickens. First of all, the birds themselves should be treated, and only then should they be taken to disinfect the premises in which they were kept. After some time, all procedures related to the fight against chicken fleas should be repeated.

It is also impossible to eat eggs laid by laying hens during and immediately after their processing.

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