Chickens: Causes of Baldness in Chickens

Among the huge variety of problems that poultry farmers face when raising chickens in a backyard, there are cases when baldness of chickens occurs. The reasons for this phenomenon can be very diverse.

First of all, this may be due to the improper maintenance of feathered pets. Chickens can go bald due to lack of light in the room, due to poor ventilation, and for other reasons.

Massive loss of feathers in small feathered pets can be observed with improper, inadequate, unbalanced feeding, as well as with the use of low-quality products by chicks. Perhaps the bird’s body does not receive the right amount of trace elements such as phosphorus, calcium or iodine.

Another reason why chickens go bald may lie in the defeat of their feathers.

To cope with baldness in chicks, it is necessary to immediately accurately determine the cause of what is happening. Otherwise, all attempts to cure the bird and return its plumage to it will be futile and will not lead to anything.

If it’s all about food. Feathered pets need an additional amount of vitamins and minerals, an improved diet. You can also use special preparations to treat baldness in broiler chickens and feathered pets in other areas of productivity. You can even cook them at home. For example, you can use chopped feathers or animal hooves. For bald chickens, instead of ordinary drinking water, a solution of potassium permanganate can be poured into the drinker. Good remedies are tricalcium phosphate, chalk, lime, tobacco dust, gypsum.

To prevent feathers from falling out due to pereedov, it is worth placing a “bath” with ash or sand next to the chicken coops or in the room itself, where the bird will bathe and clean the plumage from parasites.

With baldness of chickens, it is necessary to process the poultry house. Sulfate-containing products are especially effective. With their help, you need to process perches. You can also use sulfur checkers. Feathered pets themselves must be processed. To do this, you can use dust. The chicken coop should be cleaned of litter and old bedding before disinfection.

Baldness of chickens can occur if they have caught an infectious disease. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check your bird, monitor its condition and well-being, competently draw up a feeding ration and keep feathered pets in a warm, dry, bright and well-ventilated area.

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