Chicken breed Appenzeller

Among the rarest chickens at present, the Appenzeller breed cannot be ignored. First of all, they, of course, attract poultry farmers with their high productivity. Also, these feathered pets have a very unusual appearance. In addition to the crest, represented by the V shape, a magnificent crest is located on the head of the bird. Appenzellers were bred in Switzerland.

Laying hens of this breed in the first year carry up to 180 eggs. In subsequent years, egg-laying is reduced to 150 eggs or less. Shell color is white. The average egg weight is about 55 grams. Adult chickens reach a weight of one and a half kilograms, roosters gain up to one kilogram of eight hundred grams.

The main advantages of Appenzellers are endurance, they tolerate both hot weather and cold, frost and low temperatures well. The second important advantage of growing these feathered pets is their adaptability to incubation. Laying hens of this breed become good, caring mothers who monitor their offspring and protect chickens from negative influences and predators.

These birds have a calm, balanced character, do not conflict with other breeds, their neighbors. However, keeping them in cages is unacceptable. For Appenzellers, walking, walking in the fresh air, searching for insects, nutrients, and greenery in the ground and in the grass is very important.

These chickens have a small build. Their body is medium in size. A beautiful, fluffy crest is located on the head next to the crest, which allows poultry farmers to acquire such an individual as a decorative one. The head of feathered pets is medium in size. The eyes are rather protruding and brown in color. The lobes are white-blue, small, like earrings. The bird’s beak is strong, has a slightly bluish tint. The tail is very lush, has the shape of a fan. Long wings fit snugly to the body. The plumage is lush, can be represented by several colors: golden-black, silver-black and black with a green tint.

There are no peculiarities in feeding Appenzellers. They eat the same feed as other breeds of chickens. However, chickens of this breed need additional vitamin supplements that increase immunity and make them more resistant to diseases.

Chicken breed Appenzeller
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