Breed of chickens: Spanish white-faced

Not many amateur poultry farmers can boast that they grow Spanish white-faced chickens in their backyard. These feathered pets are not often found on the territory of Russia, but still some household owners have them.

The main distinguishing feature of these birds is the beautiful, unusual plumage color. Based on the name of the breed, it becomes clear that the face of the Spanish white-faced chickens is white, only the eyes are black, which stand out with a bright spot. The earlobes of these chickens are also white and quite large. The rest of the bird’s body is covered with black feathers.

Basically, poultry farmers choose these feathered pets as an ornamental breed, and their productivity is secondary.

Despite this, Spanish white-faced chickens are distinguished by a rather high egg production and good meat qualities. For a year, a laying hen is able to carry up to 190 eggs, the weight of which is about 50-55 grams. Adults gain up to two and a half kilograms, roosters weigh about three kilograms. Egg-laying in chickens of this breed begins at four and a half to five months. The bird is very mobile, energetic, trusting, has a calm character, but it needs good housing conditions and high-quality food to be healthy and as productive as possible.

Spanish white-faced chickens have a well-developed brooding instinct. They become caring mothers. The safety of the young is quite high. Chickens are hardy. If necessary, they can even be “hatched” in an incubator.

The room for these feathered pets should be very warm and heated, as they are not used to harsh winters and are prone to colds. Feeding any special feed is not necessary. The main thing is to give different grains, alternating them, as well as vegetables and herbs.

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