Breed of chickens – cochinchins

The Cochin chicken breed was bred in China. It was brought to Europe in the middle of the 19th century as a gift to the Queen of England. Modern cochinchins were bred by European poultry farmers towards the end of the 19th century.

Chickens of this breed are not very large egg-laying. For the year they carry only about 120 eggs, the weight of which is from 53 grams. The shell color is mostly yellow-brown. The mass of the bird itself reaches four and a half kilograms, and the rooster – five and a half kilograms.

Cochinchin hens are excellent mother hens. They hatch chickens without problems. Little chicks, having been born, grow quickly and easily, growing meat well.

Cochinchins have a tall, large and very powerful body. Their broad back and full chest give them pride, and thanks to the luxurious, lush plumage, the bird looks especially impressive. Despite their large size and weight, chickens feel great on small paddocks. They are distinguished by a calm character, and their large dimensions do not allow them to fly over the fence.

A distinctive feature of Cochinchins is a small, graceful head, despite the large size of the body. The same small bird has a scallop. Earrings and earlobes in hens of this breed are red, small. The face is also red, but it is rather large and smooth. Laying hens have a short neck, and roosters have a long one, but its plumage is magnificent and beautiful.

Cochinchins have a short back, but very wide, like the belly and chest, and the loins are magnificently feathered. The tail is fluffy and short. The wings are raised high, but not long and buried in the lumbar plumage. The main distinguishing feature of this breed is the magnificent plumage of the metatarsus. One gets the feeling that the chickens walk in heavily trampled shoes. The bird’s feather is soft, plentiful and loose.

The color of cochinchins can be varied: white, blue, black and white-speckled, black, striped, partridge and fawn.

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