Breda chicken breed

One of the rarest breeds of chickens at present is Breda. They are popular mainly with amateur poultry farmers who seek to preserve the breed and keep ornamental birds in their chicken coop. However, these feathered pets are highly productive. Once they were in high demand among farmers from Holland and Denmark.

Breda chickens were bred near the city with the same name, which was facilitated by the name of the breed itself. The parents of these feathered pets were crested hens, as well as Malinsky cuckoo and Langshans.

In the first year, the egg laying of a laying hen is about 160 eggs. In the second and next few years, it can reach 130, then a little less eggs. Shell color is white. The mass of the egg ranges from 55-60 grams. The weight of adult hens can reach two kilograms, roosters – up to three kilograms.

In addition to their beautiful appearance, Breda chickens attract the attention of poultry farmers with their calm, balanced temperament. They get along well with other breeds and birds. Having made friends with the owner, feathered pets go to his arms without fear. Thanks to the lush, dense plumage, they easily tolerate cold and sudden changes in temperature. Any content is suitable for them, both with walking and in cages.

The disadvantages of this breed include the fact that laying hens are poorly adapted to incubation. Therefore, in order to obtain the offspring of Brad, it is necessary to purchase an incubator and “hatch” the chicks artificially. The second negative point in raising these birds is that chickens require increased attention. They grow and feather very slowly, so you need to constantly monitor that they are warm and comfortable in their room.

The main distinguishing feature in the appearance of Breda chickens is the absence of a comb, instead of which a small, but very beautiful and unusual crest grows. The physique of the bird is large, massive. The back is quite wide, and the plumage is magnificent. The wings are close to the body, slightly raised. The tail is densely feathered, but low. The head of feathered pets of this breed is medium in size. The eyes are dark in color, the lobes are white, small. The beak of chickens is short, but very strong, strong, has a gray tint. The legs are strong, but they are practically invisible behind the falling plumage.

In feeding, Breda is not picky. For them, homemade mash with the addition of wheat, barley, corn is quite suitable. It is also necessary to include shells or chalk in the diet, as well as greens in the summer and vitamin supplements in the cold season.

Breda chicken breed
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