5 easy-to-maintain houseplants that bloom spectacularly in December

In winter, most plants stop feeding, stop developing and go into deep sleep. However, some indoor flowers bloom during the cold period and delight their owners.


An amazing plant cannot fail to attract attention: large beautiful flowers rise on slender peduncles.

Their size depends on the planted bulb – the larger it is, the larger the buds will be.

In order for hippeastrum to bloom in the midst of winter, it needs to be provided with diffused light, warmth, and timely moderate moisture. Fertilizing will promote longer, more lush flowering.


An unusual beautiful plant native to the tropics. The epiphytic flower grows in the wild on the trunks of palms and other large trees.

At home, guzmania grows in ordinary pots and does not require much attention. The culture needs diffused lighting, high humidity and warmth.

Water the flower with warm water from above, directly into a leaf outlet. Spray the leaves every morning.

With proper care and compliance with the conditions of detention, a bright red bracts bloom upstairs. It is very decorative and lasts a long time, about 6 months.


Most often, this amazing flower is called the Decembrist or Christmas tree. This is due to the fact that culture blooms in December, blooming for the New Year holidays.

To form the buds, the zygocactus is placed in a cool place in advance, back in September, and watering is reduced. When flowers appear, the temperature can be raised.

Numerous pink bells pleasantly refresh the interior of the room. If you move the pot with the Decembrist or water the plant too abundantly, the buds may crumble.

Anthurium Andre

A popular houseplant, the inflorescences of which are a white or yellow ear with a bright blanket, most often red. But there are specimens with white and pink bracts.

The culture is thermophilic, does not tolerate drafts, waterlogging of the soil and temperature changes.

The necessary conditions for active growth are diffused light, moderate moisture, constant temperature. In a favorable environment, anthurium will bloom from November to July.


Poinsettia is called the Christmas star for its bright large bracts. Usually they are bright red, but breeders have bred varieties with bracts of pink, white, cream and even blue and purple shades.

Culture retains its bright outfit for more than one month. With proper care, it lasts 30-40 days.

The plant is unpretentious. He needs warmth, bright lighting and regular watering. It must be remembered that poinsettia juice is poisonous, therefore, precautions should be taken when transplanting and processing the bush.

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